Payot’s Paris incentive trip a success

Payot’s Rita Smith said this year’s incentive trip to Paris for stockists was one of the best ever.

“We had a fantastic trip this year with a full day at Espace Payot spa on the Monday after a cocktail party on Sunday night. On Tuesday, we had a full day at Payot headquarters, with training in new product launches for the second half of 2010 and lunch with CEO, Hervé Lesieur. We spent the afternoon with Hervé and the Payot marketing team covering what’s coming in 2011 and asking the Australian team what would be good for our market,” Smith said.

During the meeting, Linda Fenech from Richmond Skin Fitness (pictured on the left) was presented with a Chanel classic handbag, from Payot, as a token of appreciation for being the top Payot purchaser in Australia for 2009, 2008 and 2007.

On Tuesday evening, the group dined at a typical French restaurant off Rue Saint Honore with the head of Payot’s Marketing Dept, Véronique Preschez.

Wednesday morning saw the group attend a business meeting with three successful speakers from the Australian team presenting on the successes of building a salon/spa business. The event was hosted by Stéphane Portier, International Director of Payot, and Rita Smith.

The remainder of the trip involved taking in the sights, shops and dining experiences of Paris.

For more details, phone Payot Paris Australia 1300 367 969.


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