After 20 years distributing skincare in Australia, Omniderm has made a successful move into the equipment market with the launch of its “answer to glycolic, needling and microdermabrasion” – the OmniWave ASM.

Officially launched last year, the portable device, which incorporates six modalities (micro-current, EMS, ultrasound, RF, electroporation and LED) is now been rolled out to Omniderm’s partner salons around Australia.

Omniderm managing director Paul Fister says the modalities “are tried, tested, scientifically proven sound and above all, safe” but stresses there “is nothing truly new or revolutionary about them”.

“The novelty is that OmniWave seems to be the only piece of equipment that incorporates such a large variety of options”.

Fister says that over the past 20 years there have been significant developments in machinery for skin treatment, but generally they have been “high tech and high expense”.

“We observed that proven modalities were no longer being ‘marketed’ and were therefore increasingly forgotten,” he says.

“A whole generation of young beauty therapists aren’t being exposed to a range of treatment modalities simply because they are no longer ‘the latest’ and therefore can’t be marketed at high prices.

“Our aim however is to give our salons access to these highly effective modalities at a reasonable price.”

Omniderm’s celebrity facialist Sue Dann, who has long argued against aggressive skin treatments, is not surprisingly enthusiastic about the latest addition to Omniderm’s range.

“OmniWave ASM offers clinically proven, amazing results for skin without causing any damage,” she says.

“Most companies use aggressive treatment to get results. We use natural herbs and OmniWave ASM to work with the skin, not against it.”

Fister says Omniderm has no plans to add more equipment to its product range.

“We remain focused on achieving great results with our skincare brands Dr. Spiller and Alex Herbal Aktiv Peel.”

“OmniWave is designed to synergistically support and enhance our facial treatments.”

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