No ‘tattoo regret’ – for the majority

Most Australians with tattoos have no “regrets” and no desire to get rid of them, according to a new report by McCrindle Research and Cynosure.

Produced  in partnership with Cynosure, the manufacturers and distributors of PicoSure (an advanced tattoo removal laser), the report set out to to discover how Australian consumers feel about their tattoos and the news is clear – the majority of Australians (75 percent) like them while only 25 percent suffer from “tattoo regret”.

The research shows that tattoos are “life markers for all generations” but “some people experience a disconnect with their tattoos if their circumstances, relationships or even job changes”.

These key findings helped set the direction for PicoSure’s new marketing campaign.

Dennis Cronje, the managing director of Cynosure Australia, said the study demonstrates Australians’ “love affair with tattoos”.

“We uncovered that most Australians undoubtedly love one or all of their tattoos, so approaching them with a message of regret was not going to work long-term,” he said.

“As the global market leader in the tattoo removal category, it is important that we stay on top of the needs and requirements of the Australian end consumer.

“The fact that 75 percent of Australians have no regret towards their tattoo has guided us to redirect our messaging to better relate to this audience short and long term.

“… We are therefore launching a new consumer PR campaign that expresses this market sentiment, that loving your tattoo is more common than not, but if you do harbour doubt, there is PicoSure.

“This approach is completely unique for the tattoo removal industry.”

The PicoSure picosecond laser

The social media and digital marketing campaign features “real inked Australians” who will be getting rid of one tattoo with Picosure to reveal their natural skin – or replace it with a new design.

Supported by leading doctors from around Australia and tattoo artists themselves, the campaign is set to “challenge the preconception of laser tattoo removal in Australia”.

Other key findings in the ‘Tattoos in Australia’ report include:

  • 1 in 5 Australians have a tattoo.
  • Almost half of Australians had their first tattoo between the ages 18 to 25 years.
  • The most common location for a tattoo is on the arm (33 per cent).
  • 38 percent of Australians have one tattoo, 56 percent have 2-9 tattoos and 6 percent have 10 or more.
  • The top motivation for getting the first tattoo is “express my own unique and individual style” (32 percent) followed by “a significant life event (20 percent) and “to honour a loved one” (14 percent).
  • A quarter of Australians regret getting one or all of their tattoos.
  • The top reasons for tattoo regret were “it wasn’t well thought through (28 percent), “I worry it will look awful as I get older (24 percent) and “the design didn’t turn out the way I wanted (24 percent).
  • One in 10 Australians with tattoos got their most recent tattoo done at home or at a friend’s house.

“With the increase in the number of inked Australian’s – the awareness of tattoo removal is only set to increase,” said Cronje.

“It is important to educate the market on what they should be looking for when researching tattoo removal.”


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