New Issada website will not retail products online

Brisbane-based makeup company Issada Cosmetics, has launched a website, which the company says has already been featured on and is welcoming global traffic.

Issada states that it is not selling products on its website, or any other website. According to the company, it is their policy to remain exclusive to their salon, spa and clinic outlets. “Issada is conscious of remaining loyal to our clients, and keeping our promises – one of which is not to initiate unwanted competition with our stockists via web retailing,” said company CEO/Founder, Fiona Neale.

“Additionally, due to the skin-treating nature of the products, one-one-one personal skin analysis and diagnosis is preferred when purchasing Issada makeup. A web retail environment is not conducive to Issada.”

However, the Issada cosmetics range is available to view on the website, with product descriptions, pricing, key ingredients and benefits.

The site also features testimonials from industry makeup artists and updates on new products.

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