Bio-Therapeutic scores international industry accolades

Bio-Therapeutic has again received a number of international beauty industry awards. The company has scored the Perfect Skin Care Equipment Award in Asian industry magazine, Beauty Pro’s Best of the Best for 2006, 2007 and 2008; Best Skin Care Equipment in US magazine Skin Inc’s Best of the Best 2007 and 2008; and Best Skin Care Product in US magazine Day Spa’s Best of the Best 2008 for bt-Cocktail.

An anti-ageing product, bt-Cocktail contains ingredients said to create the ultimate environment for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – a “molecular unit of currency” which transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism and is responsible for DNA replication, muscle tone and regeneration to collagen and elastin production and blood circulation.

President of Bio-Therapeutic, Inc, David Suzuki, said of the accolades: “As a company, we are both grateful and proud of our many achievements ranging from patents to the success that we are able to champion with each of our professionals. However, being chosen as the Best of the Best skin care equipment and products in the world three years in a row by our industry, our professionals, and our peers, is the most flattering recognition we have ever received.

“For the entire Bio-Therapeutic worldwide team this serves as a confirmation that we are achieving our objective in championing skin therapists around the world with the best technology, products and education. We believe that this accomplishment is creating the best opportunity for each professional to succeed by providing healthier skin for the world!”

The majority of Bio-Therapeutic equipment and products, including bt-Cocktail and bt-GEAR are distributed in Australia by Body Clinic (Australia).

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