Most Successful Celebrity Beauty Brands of 2023 Revealed

UK beauty research and e-commerce platform, Cosmetify has released data revealing the most successful celebrity beauty brands of the year.

Cosmetify utilised a variety of methodologies to uncover the top ranked celebrity beauty brands, including:

  • A range of online resources, including ZoomInfo and Growjo, to find the most recent annual revenue of each beauty brand,
  • TikTok to find the most recent follower count for each beauty brand,
  • Instagram to find the most recent follower count of each beauty brand, as well as the number brand mentions they had by searching #insertbrandname,
  • Keyword Planner to find the number of worldwide searches for each brand between Feb 2022 – Jan 2023,
  • Finally, beauty-related factors (annual revenue, TikTok and Instagram followers, Instagram brand mentions, and search data) and normalised each factor out of 10 before taking an average of those scores to get an overall ‘beauty brand score’.

Based on the above factors, it was found Fenty Beauty retained it’s spot as the #1 most successful celebrity beauty brand since first assessed in 2021.

The brand, which was founded by singer Rhianna, is regarded for its release of makeup products suited to all skin tones.

Coming in at second and third place respectively are Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, and Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty.

While Kylie is no stranger to the top of the list, Selena’s rising fan base has seen interest in her makeup line sky-rocket in recent months. 

Cosmetify also revealed that while Fenty Beauty sits in the top spot as the wealthiest celebrity beauty brand of 2023 (raising an eye-watering revenue of £477,266,700 or $AU885,981,198), it was Kylie Cosmetics that reached #1 status as the most successful celebrity beauty brand on Instagram with 25,800,000 Instagram followers at time of writing.

Rare Beauty was noted as the most googled celebrity beauty brand for 2023, followed by Fenty Beauty and Florence by Mills.

To read the full report, visit the Cosmetify website.

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