Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Margot Robbie Top List of Most Publicised Celebrity Beauty Routines

According to research conducted by salon bookings platform Fresha, Taylor Swift’s beauty routine was the most written about last year.

Fresha conducted an analysis on the quantity of online articles discussing the beauty regimens of more than 100 highly influential celebrities in 2023. The analysis involved associating each celebrity’s name with terms like ‘skincare,’ ‘beauty routine,’ ‘makeup,’ and similar terms. The collected articles were subsequently amalgamated and ranked to unveil the findings.

Taylor Swift’s beauty routine appeared in a total of 135,932 articles in 2023, the research found. The singer’s makeup alone, which is often identified for her signature red lip and sharp liquid eyeliner, appeared in 24,469 articles. Makeup artist Lorrie Turk is often behind Taylor’s most recognisable looks.

Beyoncé’s beauty routine followed closely, appearing in 117,372 articles. The singer’s skincare routine appeared in more articles than that of Taylor, leading with 5,014 online mentions compared to Taylor’s 4,564.

Coming in third place is Australian actress Margot Robbie. Research found 78,072 articles mentioning her makeup, skincare or hair throughout 2023.

Here’s the full list of celebrity beauty routines that piqued consumer interest in 2023:

     Rank     Celebrity    Total articles mentioning their beauty routine in 2023 
     1.     Taylor Swift      135,932  
     2.     Beyoncé      117,372  
     3.     Margot Robbie      78,072  
     4.     Kendall Jenner      69,627  
     5.     Dua Lipa      60,606  
     6.     Meghan Markle      58,377  
     7.     Zendaya      52,590  
     8.     Gigi Hadid      42,456  
     9.     Kourtney Kardashian      40,978  
     10.     Khloé Kardashian      40,074  
     11.     Kate Middleton      38,261  
     12.     Billie Eilish      38,188  
     13.     Doja Cat      37,990  
     14.     Miley Cyrus      37,532  
     15.     Katy Perry      36,324 
Source: Fresha

Note: Celebrities with their own beauty brands, such as Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian, were deliberately omitted from the final ranking to ensure the integrity of the data and avoid any potential bias, as articles often discussed their brands rather than their specific beauty routines.

Hero Image Credits: Todd Williamson/NBC/NBC via Getty/People, Getty/Popsugar, Instagram

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