Men Admit To Being As Vain As Women

Numbers of male clientele are expected to continue to increase, with a new survey revealing a third of all men would now consider themselves ‘vain’.

If you’ve been noticing a steady increase in your male clientele, don’t expect it to plateau any time soon.

A new survey by last has revealed a third of men confess to being ‘vain’ when it comes to the amount of time they invest in their looks.

Blame in on a generation of blokes who’ve grown up with ‘metrosexual’ role models like David Beckham and George Clooney, but it seems women may have to start fighting for beauty product space in the bathroom.

In the grooming survey, one in three men said they had at least one beauty treatment at a salon per month with 33 per cent opting for relaxing massages, 15 per cent indulging in tanning, 16 per cent coughing up for facials and 13 per cent treating themselves to pedicures.

One in three men said they had at least one beauty treatment at a salon per month

For many men, the treatments are a chance to polish up before a big business meeting or presentation, or unwind from a hard week at work, and with the male grooming product industry exploding with year on year growth, guys are more confident than ever when it comes to confessing they like to look good.

Specialist all-male salons are also popping up in line with this trend, with the launch of men’s nail salon, Hammer & Nails in the U.S last year sparking a worldwide trend.

So with the beauty industry becoming increasingly male-oriented, it may be time to ask yourself, is it time to install a beer tap in your salon?

Have your say: What changes do you think salons need to make to better cater to male clientele?


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