Joya Australia to introduce twin massage roller at fitness expo

Joya-Australia will introduce its new Joya Massage Roller Twin at the Australian Fitness Expo.

The company has previously exhibited at the 2008 Sydney International Beauty Expo, however this is the first time Joya-Australia will show at the fitness expo.

Ellen Bendin, owner-manager of Joya-Australia, said: “I thought there might be interested fitness fans who might benefit from Joya as well as massage therapists in fitness studios who would like to offer something new. When I heard about the new Spa & Wellness area, I was convinced it is a good place to be.

“I could imagine that there will be more private users amongst the fitness fans who love a massage after a workout as they are more conscious about their body. I [also] anticipate visits from massage therapists working in fitness places who are looking for new treatments and easy ways of spoiling their clients,” she said.
The new ‘Twin Massage Roller’ contains two freely rotating gemstones in a newly designed wooden handpiece.

According to Bendin, the Joya concept combines three aspects from the fields of Eastern medicine and modern wellness: relaxation through massage, the release of blockages through acupressure and the transfer of positive vibrations of crystals in handy, high quality massage tools.

Joya-Australia will be exhibiting at Stand i16. The Australian Fitness Expo takes place at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, from  April 17 to 19.

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