Bodyography embraces the digital age

Bodyography Australia has announced it has now included video content on its website, as well as setting up a profile on Facebook and a channel on YouTube. Salon owners, makeup artists and Bodyography devotees now can become a fan of the brand through Facebook and receive latest information and updates. The Bodyography You Tube channel keeps users updated on new Bodyography videos and training techniques, while providing the company with valuable information on who is viewing their videos and how people are being led to the content, whether from the Bodyography website, Google searches or links from salon websites.

Video content on Bodyography’s website includes product knowledge on the whole range, Fundamentals of Foundation, Colour Application Basics 1 and 2, along with a music video and an Opening Sequence DVD. Product manuals and images are also available for download through the website. In the Education section there is a “Get the Look” section with three face cards showing how to achieve three different looks.

Rob Tamburro, General Manager, Bodyography Australia, said the company is always looking “outside the box” for ways to reach their clients and adapt with the times to how people communicate.

“With lifestyles getting more hectic, people are resorting to social networks such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to keep in touch with friends and find out what is going on with companies and products. It is estimated that one minute for every 11 is spent on Facebook per user in Australia,” Tamburro said. “For Bodyography, it is a way to provide people with discussion boards, updated information, photos, audio and video. In turn, it provides us with statistical information on who is visiting our page, who are becoming fans, the age demographic, what they are looking at and how they found us.

“We then use this information to market to our target market and demographic. For Bodyography we are involved in many large shows and events, product and fashion launches and we want to keep [people] informed on what is happening. It keeps our salons excited and in the know on events and publicity that Bodyography is receiving in the media. On a professional side, we are able to educate our users on techniques utilising the power of audio and video, and create online discussion groups where people can talk about their favourite products and tips and tricks of the trade.”

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