Earlier this month, salon makeup brand Jane Iredale reached out to tech-savvy journalists, at a blogger specific event.

Bloggers listen on intently as Jane Iredale state manager, Justine Vittoria shares the brand's story.
Bloggers listen on intently as Jane Iredale state manager, Justine Vittoria shares the brand’s story.

Australia’s most successful beauty bloggers and vloggers (that’s video blogging) each have followings of up to a million readers. Each. That’s more than several magazine readerships combined. So it’s no surprise that savvy brands are hopping on the blogger bandwagon faster than you can say, ‘I’m so Facebooking this!’.

Amoung the handful of brands now leading the way for Australian beauty marketing, is Jane Iredale, who hosted a blogger specific event earlier this month for the launch of its newest collection, City Nights, which additionally commenorated the brand’s 20th anniversery.

And with two decades under the belt, Jane Iredale brand manager, Jacqui Hollins says it’s important for the brand to acknowledge that marketing approaches have changed significantly, since it’s launch back in 1994.

“We host these sorts of events because for us, bloggers give us a great indication of how consumers are going to take to a new product launch, and obviously the power and influence they have online. It’s also about building our social channels and mingling with the people that are helping us to do that,” says Hollins.

Attended by the likes of beauty blogging celebrities like Chloe Morello (817 , 000 subscribers on her YouTube beauty vlog and counting) and Chloe Ting (who has over 125,000 followers on her Instagram account alone), the handful of guests at the intimate event were carefully selected in terms of readership loyalty.

“We found in our PR that we’re getting a lot more online mentions than print and there’s a big shift into digital editorial as opposed to print,” says Hollins.

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