How important is Australian made?

With so many Australian products being manufactured overseas, we take a look at what Australian made really means for Australia.

Research shows that for every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing business in Australia creates ten full-time jobs, and saves $95,000 worth of welfare benefits. That should be incentive enough to put the focus on Australian made; and the beauty industry is no exception.

Plenty of beauty companies source their manufacturing overseas but there are some that have made the decision to stay on local shores. One such company is Bump eRaiser.

“Australian Made products not only have an exceptional reputation in Australian but all around the world,” says Lilliane Caron, owner and director of Caronlab, creator of the Bump eRaiser brand. “Bump eRaiser range is a perfect example of a high quality Australian product with an exceptional reputation.”

Manufactured by Caronlab Australia in the regional Victorian town of Geelong, this post-waxing product range is designed to prevent and treat the issues of ingrown hairs.

While Bump eRaiser has always been manufactured in Australia, the range has only recently been registered to carry the Australia Made logo on its packaging and marketing communications.

“These days consumers have a clear preference for buying Australian-made and grown products,” says Caronlab Australia’s Marketing Manager, Rachel Pitman. “As the Australian Made logo has become universally recognisable, consumers have grown to know and trust its affiliated brands.”

The Australian Made logo makes it easy for consumers to identify genuine Australian products. Used by more than 2500 companies on more than 15,000 products sold here and around the world, the Australian Made logo is growing in popularity. The increases in consumer interest, has seen new products being registered every day.

“By adding the Australian Made logo to our packaging and communications, consumers will be able to quickly identify that our products are true-blue Australian.” says Pitman.

According to Caron, consumers are increasingly putting the focus on Australian made.

“Across all industries, companies are sourcing products made abroad,” she says. “This means the demand for products that are made locally is at an all-time high amongst the general population. The economy is slowing in other areas of the world, so people are also looking to back local businesses and support our own economy.”

“Australia is known for producing some of the very best products in the world with the very best manufacturing standards. We’re extremely proud to be recognised alongside these other brands,” Caron adds.



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