Guinot partners with Ikosoft

Guinot Australia announced it has partnered with international salon and spa software brand, Ikosoft, making its Success X2 software available to Guinot stockists in Australia.

Guinot Australia says the exclusive new program allows custom point-of-sale and stock control management in a complete program for Guinot clients at an affordable price.

SuccessX2 boasts fast and intuitive point-of-sale functions and incorporates many advanced, exclusive features. For managers, Ikosoft supplies easy but effective tools to manage staff, stock, appointments and sales, along with technical support and remote maintenance availability.

Guinot Australia says these features coincide with Guinot’s prescriptive methods of service, where the aim is to make client management an asset, enhancing customer loyalty and delivering greater personalised results.

Jonathan Pritchard, Managing Director for Guinot Australia said, “Guinot is a professional skincare brand that believes in consultations, in determining the needs of the client, diagnosing correctly and providing a customised solution for that client. Ikosoft is able to manage each client’s information in a visually pleasing and easy-to-read manner, where personal files with photos can allow the beauty therapist to analyse that client’s history, their frequency of visits, their previous prescriptions, the progress of their skin and allow them to plan for their next visit. Being able to personalise this information, have it at our disposal at a click of a [mouse] assists the therapist [in giving] greater personalised service that creates a memorable experience and, in turn, loyalty.”

To find out more about Ikosoft, contact Guinot 1300 300 954.

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