Designer Camilla seeks Make Up Store eyelashes for ad campaign

Make Up Store reports that Sydney fashion designer, Camilla, sought out some of the brand’s eyelashes for her latest advertising campaign.

The fashion collection is titled Chenoa, which Camilla says means ‘dove’ in a Native American language, and it takes inspiration from nature and tribal costumes.

A Camilla spokesperson said: "For the Camilla Autumn Winter 2009/10 campaign shoot, the inspiration was contemporary tribal warrior princesses. Models were styled with The Make-Up Store feather eyelashes to enhance and intensify the natural beauty of the eye, and to complement the ethnic elements of the collection. We are very happy with Make Up Store lashes and the images speak for themselves."

Make Up Store’s Maria Gabriel Ertas said: “We were thrilled when our Glam lashes were selected by the team at Camilla to feature in the Chenoa collection campaign shoot.

"Having the perfect lashes to fit in with their vision reinforces to us that Make Up Store is a premier lash destination, a true world of colours!”

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