Fresha Introduces the Future of Beauty and Wellness Report 2024

The beauty and wellness industry is constantly growing and changing. To capture the way the industry is set to evolve over the coming years, Fresha partnered with trend forecasters WGSN to launch the ultimate guide to staying ahead of the curve. With this insight-packed trend report, you’ll not only outpace the competition, but you’ll be at the forefront of client care.

Even if you’re a newcomer to the beauty and wellness industry, you know clients’ needs are diverse. Long-term health is more important to them than ever before. And because they want to both look and feel healthy, services that support physical, mental and emotional health are on the rise.

Our report decodes the trends that are shaping the beauty and wellness industry and the consumer behaviours that will drive it forward. Read on to find out why you need this invaluable resource.

Three consumer drivers you need to know

Our research revealed three key consumer drivers that are transforming the beauty services industry:

“Wellness, Liberated” is all about the up-and-coming generations who are redefining the world of wellness. They’re interested in self-expression, emotional wellbeing and mood-boosting experiences. Their more holistic approach will evolve wellness into a much more emotional experience. 

“No-Boundaries Beauty” marks the progressive change the industry has gone through over the past 10 years, and the change that’s still to come. There are so many opportunities to keep pushing the industry to find new ways to meaningfully care for all genders, ethnicities and cultures.

“New Age Experiences” are ones that celebrate individuality, take care of the mind, and help clients see all the potential in a beauty service beyond just the service itself. It’s about mixing spiritual and therapeutic care, tech, and treatments that enhance mental, emotional, and physical health.

“Services that support physical, mental and emotional health are on the rise.”

The trends we uncovered

The trends our report uncovered will lead salons and barbershops to brighter futures. From high-octane beauty to indulgence and pet wellness, you’ll find all you need to future-proof your business. Tech will have a big impact, with new devices and diagnostic tools taking over salons and helping take the best care of your clients.

Over the next two to five years, clients’ changing expectations of beauty and wellness will evolve in ways they never have before. Our report will guide you through those changing expectations, and show you how you can adapt your services and treatments to boost your business.

What does the future hold?

If you’re ready to evolve to meet consumer demands with a holistic, personalised approach, this report is for you. Beauty and wellness businesses with forward-thinking strategies and customer-centric services will be the ones that find the most success and keep clients coming back, into 2024 and beyond.

The key beauty and wellness trends you need to know about

If you’re looking to get ahead of the incoming trends in beauty and wellness, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve partnered with trend forecaster WGSN to produce our first-ever trend report: The Future of Beauty and Wellness in 2024.

From haircare and consumer behaviour to emerging treatments and popular ingredients, get a taste of the latest beauty and wellness trends our report uncovered.

Dopamine Beauty

As people spend more and more time thinking about their mental and emotional health, the beauty and wellness industry is responding. From simple things like adding mood-boosting pink dye jobs to your colour menu, to more intensive changes like training your staff in emotional intelligence, dopamine beauty is all about making clients look and feel good.

Pet Wellness

Now more than ever, pets are considered part of the family, and when they’re happy and healthy, so are we. Younger generations are more interested in taking care of their pets’ mental health, and their desire to cater to their pets will only increase. For beauty and wellness businesses, that means opening your doors to pets, and eventually offering treatments for those pets.

Phygital Exploration

Virtual reality and augmented reality provide opportunities for people to explore beauty in a whole new way. This combining of the digital and physical (or phygital) world is set to change the way salons incorporate technology into their services and create an even better experience for clients.

Modern Males

Particularly in barbershops, men are becoming much more open to new services, and new conversations. We found that men are super loyal to their barbers, and willing to open up to them about their mental and physical health. This is driving change in the male grooming and beauty industry that could have a significant positive impact on men’s overall wellbeing.

“Men are becoming much more open to new services, and new conversations.”

Gender-Fluid Futures

Salons have long been a safe space for people who don’t subscribe to the gender binary, but a lot of beauty and wellness businesses still take a gendered approach to services. That is set to change in the coming years, and salons will have to work to remove exclusionary language and services from their offerings so people across the gender spectrum are comfortable and happy.

Multisensory Wellness

There’s a growing interest in alternative therapies that stimulate all five senses. These kinds of experiences can boost health and wellbeing, helping people feel more balanced, calm and rested. Salons that are able to offer multisensory experiences will win, and if you’re able to personalise those experiences to each client, even better.

This article was produced in partnership with Fresha.

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