Eeshee launches in Australia

Recently launched in Australia, Eeshee is a new skincare concept devised and founded by Israeli dermatologist Professor Daniel Vardy and mathematician Dr Joseph Meloul. The high-tech, customised skincare solution specifically addresses each individual’s skin concerns.

Eeshee cofounder, Dr Joseph Meloul, said: “A ready-made, off-the-shelf formula can’t produce the best results because everyone’s skin varies in pH level, oil production, hydration level and elasticity. There’s only one way to ensure you’re paying for an effective product; with a sophisticated skin evaluation that determines the precise individual formulation your skin requires.

“There are up to 18 natural ingredients in each dermatologically-formulated Eeshee cream but over 157 million ways to make the one product,” Dr Meloul added. “Every cream we make is unique because it’s tailor-made to address the individual’s skin needs and help them achieve visible results.”

Eeshee skincare products are manufactured by an RMU (Retail Manufacturing Unit), which was developed by Meloul and Vardy. The RMU ascertains a customer’s skin type and epidermis via a non-invasive reading device that is then transmitted to a patented algorithm-driven software program to determine the best possible ingredient for that skin type. All ingredients are natural and mixed onsite in the RMU taking approximately four minutes.

“Our formulations are charged with rare organic oils, rich essential oils and all-natural ingredients,” Professor Vardy said. “The ingredients are the best nature has to offer and form a more potent combination than a one-formulation-fits-all cream because every Eeshee product is designed to specifically target the individual’s skin requirements.”

Each freshly-made product contains a detailed ingredients list and has a shelf life of six months. No parabens, detergents or artificial fragrances are used.

The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic in Sydney is the first to offer Eeshee, and the technology is also now available by franchise agreement to other salons, clinics and spas.

While the RMU is priced at around $120,000 to $150,000, the Australian distributors of Eeshee are also considering the option of some premises offering just the reading device and assessment equipment and then sending the customer’s skin type information to the closest RMU who would mix the cream and deliver product next day to the customer. The assessment stand includes:

1. Triple sensor (pictured) and USB stand
2. pH meter
3. Laptop
4. Printer
5. Stand on wheels.

The total cost of the five items is around $2,500, which may provide a more affordable option for smaller salons and spas.

For franchise enquiries, contact Michael Amler on 0411 333 637 and visit  

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