Minx nail products launch in Australia

US professional nail brand, Minx, is now available in Australia with exclusive distribution by Switch Funky.

Minx is a nail fashion product only available in salons. The product is applied with heat and pressure, and does not require any drying time. On average, Minx lasts from four to eight days on the fingers, and up to four weeks on the toes, and is available in a wide range of metallics, designs and graphics.

According to Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin, the co-founders of Minx, the product came about when they were trying to create a product that would protect the nail, and act as a type of nail armour to prevent breaking, chipping and tearing.

“We were tired of having our own nails being worn down and unsightly due to our day-to-day work. There are plenty of liquid nail strengtheners on the market, but none that could withstand the type of abuse we were putting our nails through, so we started experimenting with various types of tape, plastic coatings, and eventually film. Finally, we started to get excited about a clear film that performed very well in our test groups and we suddenly realised that we could print any graphic or design on this particular material… and we could also create metallic versions that looked absolutely amazing! We were so excited – it was the best of both worlds: a protective layer that was visually stunning!” Jordan and Lynch-Goodwin said.

Peter Lykissas, CEO, Switch Funky, said: “Having been the founder of Pacific Nail and Beauty and, at various times responsible for the Australian distribution of brands like, Creative Nail Design, IBD, Ezflow and Backscratchers, I have a keen eye for up and coming nail products and was totally convinced that Minx is truly the way forward for professional nail technicians and beauty therapists when it comes to covering and decorating gel, acrylic and natural fingernails and toenails.

“I am very excited to have the rights to the brand as I can finally see true innovation within the professional nail industry. A no smudge, no odour, no damage alternative to traditional polish and nail art that takes only a short time to apply and brings profit back to the nail salon for a very small investment. There are over one hundred designs already available with many more in the pipeline. We are currently setting up distribution and have embarked on our Minx Masters program throughout Australia which aims to have 15 Minx Masters offering tech support locally by the end of 2009.”

Unlike false nail overlays, Minx is a very thin, flexible film that can be applied to either natural or false nails through a process using heat and pressure – basically shrink wrapping to the nail. And, unlike false nails, there is no glue or other chemicals required to apply Minx. To remove it, you need only to apply heat and to break the seal with your fingernail or orange stick, and then can peel off the film without any damage to the nail.

Also, unlike traditional nail polish, Minx is applied dry, so there are no fumes during application and no nail polish remover is needed to take it off. Also, because it is a film and not a liquid, there is no drying time required.

The brand was recently involved in various overseas fashion shows, including Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection during Paris fashion week in May, and London Fashion Week and New York’s Merecedes Benz Fashion Week in September.

Image credits: Fashion Designer: Richard Sorger. Manicure Credit: Minx Nails by Trish Lomax of Premier Hair & Make Up
Photographer: iReNe Scioti.

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