Latest Dr. Spiller range wins two European beauty awards

Dr Spiller wins two European Beauty awards

Dr. Spiller’s latest range of skin care just won two coveted beauty awards in Europe. The German brand took home the 2016 SPA Diamond Award and the European Health and Spa Award for its new CellTresor stem cell collection.

The range is designed to fight the three main signs of aging – moisture loss, thinning or fragile skin and poor elasticity.

“Every mature woman suffers from at least one, sometimes all, of these skin concerns,” says Dr. Spiller skincare expert Sue Dann. “The CellTresor range allows them the flexibility to use just one serum that specifically targets their skin or combine two or three at once.”

Dr Spiller wins two European Beauty awardsThe collection includes a variety of serums, an overnight repair mask and an intense rebuilding cream, all of which are enriched with bioactive ingredients that fight factors that cause aging.

“Human skin is a true miracle of nature – our cells are in a rhythm of ceaseless renewal,” says Sue . “But over time, and depending on environmental influences, the cells start to get tired and key structural and cellular elements aren’t being replenished.”

“With the advent of advanced technology in ingredients, the company redeveloped the CellTresor range to include innovative hyaluronic acid, multi stem cell trio and DermoTec compound peptide,” Sue tells us.

“The use of our specialised delivery system combined with the innovative active ingredients in the new CellTresor Next Generation range, take anti-ageing to new levels.”

The SPA Diamond Awards are held yearly to find the best of the best in the cosmetics, health and wellness industry. Previous winners include Shiseido, Clarins and SpaRitual.

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