Courtney Hudson Awarded Best Special Effects Makeup

ACMUSE graduate Courtney Hudson took out the award for best Film/Fantasy Special Effects Makeup at the recent Face2Face Makeup Awards.

Hudson and her winning creation.
Hudson and her winning creation.

Makeup artist Courtney Hudson is beaming right now, and it’s not just because she’s an expert at the art of highlighting.

The ACMUSE graduate took out the award for best Film/Fantasy Special Effects Makeup at this year’s Face2Face Makeup Awards at the 2015 Sydney beauty expo.

Fresh off the heels of completing her Diploma of Specialised Makeup Services as well as the Certificate IV in Makeup, Hudson is now looking forward to taking advantage of the award to further her career as a makeup artist.

The prosthetic used in the competition was designed, moulded and sculpted by the makeup artist, and involved several challenging special effects techniques to bring it to life, including prosthetic application, bald cap application and airbrushing.

It was the well-crafted structure of Hudson’s creation that made it a standout piece, with its creative design setting it apart from the rest. In keeping with the competition theme, ‘Super Hero Villains’, Hudson set about creating her own version of Danny DeVito’s Penguin, from Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992).

Hudson graduated from ACMUSE in 2003, and has since gone on to establish herself on the Sydney makeup scene.

‘The Face2Face Makeup Awards were a great personal challenge – and not just the competition, the preparation for it too,” said Hudson of the experience.

“It was such a great opportunity to test all my SFX makeup skills, from a head cast, sculpting, moulding and running the silicone pieces, to developing an interesting character and bringing it to life.”




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