Step away from the nail polish and listen up professional beauties, Taylor Swift’s nail artist Leah Light has spoken: naked nails are the Next Big Thing.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, Auckland-based Light said the ‘naked manicure’ is the perfect fresh look for spring.

The idea behind the naked mani is simple—it’s a nude style that focuses on healthy, natural looking nails. And the perfect colour to pull it off? None at all. Instead, the idea is to showcase naked nails that have been expertly filed and buffed.

And the best bit for you? Apart from some TLC to ensure your clients’ nails are in good shape and looking their best—which we all know can be a challenge sometimes—the naked look is pretty straightforward.

“The naked manicure is so easy to achieve because it’s all about clean, natural nails that don’t require polish to look fantastic,” explains Light.

Apart from being T-Swifty’s go-to nail lady, Light has worked with other big names and well known crazy nail lovers including Katy Perry and Rita Ora, and likes to give them stylish designs that are still elegant and classic.

She says that 3D nail art is on the way out, along with French manicures and darker polish colours, but glitter and hand painted nail art is right on trend.

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If your clients are too shy to go completely naked, Light recommends using white—the biggest polish colour this spring—or pinks and neon blues.

Have your say: Will you be suggesting your clients go nude in your salon this spring?