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Does your salon need ‘branding’ to stand out from the crowd? Find out how a public relation agency can help!

1Today a brand is much more than a name. New technology and the rise of social media have connected consumers and businesses across the globe like never before and building a brand is now an essential ingredient to ensure you stand out in the marketplace.

Businesses with brand personalities attract more customers and people are no longer motivated by convenience when it comes to choosing their salon experience. Women and men across Australia are passing over established local salons in favour of city spas they’ve discovered on Pinterest or Facebook that promise luxurious, relaxing experiences – even if it requires a two hour drive.

Australian Director of Germaine de Capuccini, Tess Walls, recognised the need to start promoting her brand attributes in order to boost business and hired a public relations agency to help.

“Germaine de Capuccini has been stocked in Australian salons and spas for almost 7 years, but over that time I realised in order to continue building the business I needed to gain a competitive advantage and that was where my new agency stepped in,” Tess said.

Tess said her public relations agency helped identify attributes and qualities that the company hadn’t previously capitalised when communicating to salons, spas and consumers.

“I urge all salon owners to consider the use of public relations to boost their business. Working with a public relations agency has given me a clearer direction on how to communicate through social media, advertising and our website with customers.”

There are lots of benefits to hiring a public relations agency and it is important to do your homework to ensure you select the best fit for your business.

Five ways PR Pros can help build your brand:

1. Sometimes it is all about who you know
Networking is an essential survival skill in the world of public relations and PR Pros can help your brand get noticed by the right people. More often than not PR Pros went to university with journalists, they attend events with beauty bloggers and can build and strengthen industry connections.

2. A new perspective
Hiring a public relations agency is a great way to gain an outside, objective perspective on your business activities and brand. Working with a PR Pro allows you to develop clear brand attributes and personality traits, connecting your salon with the right customers and boosting sales. A great PR can also help you identify aspects of your brand that are newsworthy, and point out those that are not.

3. You’ll get more than you bargained for
Most public relations agencies have multiple specialties, whether it’s brand building, social media, marketing or graphic design. Having access to support staff allows you and your employees to concentrate on the business and ensure you’re living up to all those brand attributes.

4. Creativity
PR Pros are trained to think outside the box and develop creative ways and events to promote your salon and brand to the market, beyond media releases and publicity.

5. Boost your bottom line
Building a brand for your salon gives you an opportunity to decide how you want people to feel about your brand. PR Pros will be able to assist in clearly defining your brand personality and select appropriate ways to reach and target customers more effectively – the more effective your targeting, the more sales will increase.

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