Q&A: St.Tropez’s Jules Heptonstall

St.Tropez global tanning and skin finishing expert Jules Heptonstall recently visited down under to share his tricks and tips. Here he chats to Professional Beauty about his passion for tanning and the essential steps to a perfect tan.

Jules Heptonstall

Jules Heptonstall is a tanning know-it-all who ensures models, celebrities and clients are gorgeously glowing on a daily basis. With an impressive celebrity client list and a reputable name in the British tanning scene, Jules can be found working his magic at St.Tropez HQ in London’s Covent Garden during the day.

Why is spray tanning important to you?

Spray tanning is a safe alternative to achieving a tan without exposing your skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays found in sunlight. It can deliver a uniform complexion, disguise signs of fatigue and create the illusion of a more toned and sculpted body – what’s not to love?

What do you love most about it?

I love spraying my clients because it makes them feel good! Fake tan is hugely linked to self esteem, my motto in life is “it’s not about the way you look but about the way you feel” – if a product can make you feel good (and is safe to use), the it’s worth using!

Technique and secrets?

    1. Always remember less is more – the whole point of a client having a spray tan is essentially to create the illusion of a two-week holiday – there is no need to go overboard and risk the oompa loompa look
    2. Aloe vera moisturiser is your new best friend. Use on the hands, elbows, knees and feet moments before a tan application. Occasionally you will need to do hand to body application for the face, so mix the moisturiser on the mitt with the tan before applying. Apply to the bottom of the wrist after tan application to blend this area seamlessly. Advise your client to slather their body in an aloe based moisturiser once their tan is developed and they have washed off the guide colour, and to continue moisturising daily to lock in the colour
    3. Use sweeping motions around the body, working with the unique natural shape and contour rather than textbook technique
    4. Tell your clients to follow this mantra – “exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate”. Advise them to start prepping the skin 2-3 days prior to your appointment

Have you noticed any differences between Aussie tanning and UK tanning?

Australians are much more clued up on the natural look – I haven’t seen too many tanning disasters during my stay. I’m impressed! In Australia there is a higher demand for more flexible tans, which is why St.Tropez created the Self Tan Express – it allows you to customise your colour on the go.

For more information visit http://www.sttropeztan.com.au/

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