Ardent Leisure Acquires Hypoxy

Ardent Leisure, trading as the Goodlife Group, has acquired the rights to distribute Hypoxi machines throughout Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

Ardent Leisure, also known as the Goodlife Group and operators of entertainment venues like Dreamworld, WhiteWater World, SkyPoint on the Gold Coast, Goodlife Health Clubs and AMF Bowling – to name a few – have acquired distribution rights to Hypoxi in Australia and New Zealand, and more recently, secured exclusive distribution rights for Hypoxi in the U.S and Canada.

The group’s acquisition of independently owned Hypoxi operator network represents an opportunity to offer a premium fitness product to new and existing market segments including Goodlife Health Club members nationally.

Developed by Austrian sport scientist Dr Norbert Egger, Hypoxi combines advanced vacuum therapy and invigorating exercise for amazing targeted results in around half a dozen sessions. The treatment is able to stimulate circulation in areas of the body which traditionally have very poor blood supply, thereby accelerating fat metabolism in specific body zones.

Already an Australian favourite for beauty clients wanting to rid themselves of cellulite, Hypoxi’s acquisition by Adrent Leisure is expected to see the brand become an international household name.

In line with these developments, Sharon Masson has been introduced as Hypoxi Australia’s new national strategic marketing manager. Masson previously worked for Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Nike, Walt Disney Home Entertainment, Dreamworld and most recently, as the national strategic partnerships manager for Ardent Leisure Group.

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