Alpha-H donates water and sunscreen to Victorian bushfire cleanup efforts

Australian skincare company, Alpha-H has donated over $5000 worth of water and sunscreen to bushfire-affected communities in Victoria. The company donated the water because, they say, water pollution and contamination has become a problem in the areas.

“By providing water and sunscreen, Alpha-H are making sure that when the cleanup begins in the next few weeks, their donation is going directly to those who require it,” said Angie Beck, Alpha-H Salon Support and Professional Education Trainer for Victoria.

Beck said her clients are cancelling their treatments, instead spending their free time helping with the cleanup of affected areas.

“A facial or massage seems redundant when the devastation and loss is so close to home,” said Beck, who lives less than 15 minutes from the devastated areas.

Alpha-H said that basics such as sunscreen and water might have been overlooked among the donations including food, clothing and bedding.

Michelle Doherty, Director of International Waters Pty Ltd, trading as Alpha-H, said: “You can never really do enough for those who have lost so much. Our small contribution of the essentials: water and sun protection, are vital elements of everyday living. This is a simple way of getting people back on their feet for the cleanup and equipping them appropriately.

“We have had a great response from those involved, including the courier company who covered half the costs of freighting the product down to Victoria [from the company’s Queensland headquarters], as well as our salons in the area who are very excited to be able to assist in the distribution of the products to those affected,” she said.

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