Advisory network for Australian aesthetics industry launches

Launching this month, the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network Pty Ltd (APAN), is billed as Australia’s first professional advisory network organisation dedicated exclusively to the service and growth of the professional aesthetic industry.

APAN is not an association, but a network organisation with an extensive vision to service the aesthetic industry. The chief aim of APAN is to provide a strong support structure to practitioners and businesses through a new and contemporary organisational model that includes a mentoring service as part of its membership. APAN will be using modern tools and methods with a focus on improving com

Tina Viney, CEO of APAN, said, “Having worked in leadership positions in the industry for over 18 years I have studied and identified areas that require improvement through a more modern approach to communication and networking for greater support and growth, particularly during these difficult times. It is quite apparent to me through feedback from industry professionals that they are seeking a personalised approach to consultation and mentoring from experts when they encounter problems. APAN has been set up to help you gain the support you need quickly and efficiently through a comprehensive mentoring/consultation service available through its membership structure.”

APAN states that in the current economic climate businesses need to explore new ways of growing their client base and says it offers some excellent plans to help members achieve this.

With networking accounting for more than 85 per cent of all business transacted in Australia, APAN says it has “a huge vision that will bring a new level of support to both practitioners and business owners within the aesthetic industry through a cost-effective membership service.”

APAN focuses on 15 key areas of strategic support and ongoing information:

* MENTORING – Comprehensive consultation sessions with members
* BUSINESS STRUCTURES – Options on how to set up your business
* REGULATIONS – Government and health regulations
* TAXATION – Accounting issues made easy
* CLIENTS – How to get, keep and grow your client base
* BUSINESS OPERATIONS – Policies and procedures
* HUMAN RESOURCES – Staff policies, wages, employment contracts
* SERVICES – Products, equipment and external contractors (what to look for)
* LIFE SKILLS – Personal development, managing stress, balanced living
* ONGOING EDUCATION – Staff and business owners need to constantly update their knowledge and education
* EFFECTIVE NETWORKING – Exploring the most cost-effective methods
* BUSINESS BENEFITS – Getting the most from your tax deductions
* LEGAL ISSUES – Contracts
* FINANCIAL MATTERS AND INVESTMENTS – Getting the best return for your money.

APAN’s aim is not to duplicate other structures in place for the industry, but to complement and fill the gap in areas that are currently deficient. Its purpose is to better serve the industry in areas needing greater support.

Membership is now open to every industry category, with a choice of membership level depending of the level of support required.

For further information, and to obtain a membership application form, email: or phone (07) 5593 0360.

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