AABTh magazine goes in-house

The Australian Beauty Therapist, the quarterly magazine for The Advanced Association of Beauty Therapists (AABTh), is now being produced in-house. The move, effective since December 2008, follows the organisation’s increase in membership, along with the growth of the magazine itself. The AABTh also recently moved to new premises in Chatswood, Sydney.

Clare Gillis, Chairperson of the AABTh, said, "Never before has it been more important to have a united body given the scrutiny and pressure our industry faces and the AABTh provides an invaluable service to all its members. The Australian Beauty Therapist is the face of the AABTh and as we continue to grow even more in 2009 and beyond, we need to further develop and sharpen this valuable communication tool."

Belinda Mayor, who has been with the AABTh for eight years, is the new editor of the magazine. She said, "It’s exciting. [My] first magazine is due in late February. Our main focus is to help members with what’s happening in the industry. Our plans include getting more involved in the AABTh training, strengthening our membership – and also getting the message across to consumers to look for an AABTh salon."

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