Diamond International 2009 training

Melbourne-based company, Spa Diamond, national distributor and trainer for Diamond International, has announced extensive “Step 2 Training” courses in microdermabrasion, oxygenation, LED and other therapies, beginning in January 2009.

The courses, available for dermal clinicians, beauty therapist and nurses, are advanced courses for those who have completed training, or are currently studying within the industry. Applicants must have a minimum of Certificate 4 in Diploma of Beauty Therapy. The courses offer extensive, updated theory education along with hands-on practical application to rapidly advance technical skills. Training takes place at Spa Diamond’s Port Melbourne flagship clinic.

Sue George, Director of Spa Diamond and Principal of training, has 15 years industry experience and brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to students, clients and prospective equipment buyers.

“I chose to call [the courses] Step 2 Training as all participants must have completed the base beauty certificate,” she said. “Currently, all training schools are not able to provide this comprehensive certificated course due to the financial restraints in purchasing equipment and industry experience to provide it. We at Diamond have 25 years experience and are the manufactures of 29 systems, Australian produced, exporting to 33 countries worldwide.

“This level of equipment training is not available from any other outlet within Australia. As part of this Step 2 training, the industry will be able to take advantage of a turnkey solution – providing position placement of trained technicians to medical clinics, day spas and salons. Training is carried out in a working environment to allow students to fully appreciate the day-to-day running of a concept clinic. Our highly qualified trainers have a wide experience with a variety of systems and situational environments within the industry to be able to fully facilitate the learning experience.”

The training is ideal for the clinician who is looking to broaden and deepen their skill set, delivering cutting edge expertise to employers and clients alike. A ratio of four students per instructor allows for a rapid intake of knowledge.

The courses are delivered in five units combined, or may also be undertaken in singular units. The units are:

Diamond Microdermabrasion
Diamond Oxygen Infusion
Diamond Contours Biomesosculpture Face & Body
Diamond Waveform Therapy Face & Body
Diamond Photon7 LED Light Therapy
Diamond Designing Faces Softap Semi Permanent Color Implant

According to George, all equipment used in training is TGA and/or FDA approved. They are also backed and supported by medical MRI scans, medical case studies and biopsy reports.

Initial Course Dates:
Sunday 17th January – Monday 18th January 2009
Sunday 1st February – Monday 2nd February 2009

Dates for additional units are to be confirmed.

Booking Enquiries:
Spa Diamond, 80 Bay Street, Port Melbourne. Phone: (03) 9646 6181 or (03) 9646 6161.
Sue George: 0433 273 358
Abbey George: 0411 893 658.

Visit www.diamondmedispa.com

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