A One Million Dollar Beauty Salon Bill

One salon-loving celebrity has reportedly racked up a one million dollar bill at her local beauty salon.

Source: theaccidentalaustralian.com
Source: theaccidentalaustralian.com

We all knew celebs spent a lot of money on looking good, but did you know they spent this much?

According to TVNZ, actress and singer Jessica Simpson spends around a million dollars a year on beauty treatments.

Which is hard to believe, until you start to add it up.

The star is rumoured to spend a thousand dollars every week on premium spray tans and five hundred dollars a pop at keeping her faux lashes maintained at all times.

Including her love of laser, cellulite and light treatments, Simpson reportedly pays a hair stylist over two hundred thousand dollars a year to be on call at all times.

The result? A whopping US$1million dollar beauty bill.

That’s one seriously lucrative client!

Though the news may be shocking to some, the rumours confirm what beauty therapists have known since the introduction of the salon; celebs can insist their looks are all down to green smoothies and yoga, but beauty professionals know otherwise.

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