PB Archive: Ella Bache’s Pippa Hallas

This article was taken from the Professional Beauty archives, and was originally published in May 2015.

Beauty industry heavyweight and Ella Bache CEO, Pippa Hallas gives us an exclusive sneak peek inside what makes her business empire tick, and the pros and cons of working with family.

Education is a big part of Ella Bache’s phiolosophy. Which do you think provides the most career benefit – education or occupational experience?

“I don’t think I can choose! Our core belief system is that the acquisition of knowledge is only good if it’s passed on to others. Our mission statement actually states that ‘knowledge creates results that last’, and it’s true when customers learn something new about their skin that they didn’t know before they had an Ella Baché experience. So I think it’s a combination. If you want to keep succeeding and growing, acquiring knowledge and curiosity has to be a main driver on personal level, and you have to pass that on in a commercial sense to consumers, otherwise it ends up just being theory.”

Tell us about a challenge you see yourself facing in future as CEO of Ella Bache.

“I think it is going to be having my second child. It’s personally a challenge of mine to step back. I wont be there day-to-day for a few months after the birth so I need to find the ability to let go and focus on other things.”

What do you think is the biggest misconception about the beauty industry?

“That it’s all about glamour, vanity and looking good. There’s so much more depth than that. In this day and age, beauty is such a massive global industry; there are so many amazing opportunities for people. From a business sense, beauty doesn’t get the credibility that other industries do – it’s not taken as seriously. I’d love to see fashion and beauty up there in the Financial Review headlines more!”

What are the pros and cons of being part of a family business? It’s obviously been a success for you, but would you recommend it to others?

“They say ‘blood is thicker than water’ and having the opportunity to work for my father is great because we have an honest and respectful relationship. I’m fortunate in that sense. For others I think it can be a lot more difficult, especially when it’s not their decision. They find themselves in a business where there’s no structure or support, it’s just all about family politics.”

If you could have any other job in the world for a month, what would you do?

“I think I’d go ride horses. I’d spend a month in the bush or on the beach riding horses. I love animals.”

What beauty trend are you loving at the moment?

“We actually have a new mask launching in July. It incorporates bio-cellulose and so many amazing ingredients. It feels like you’re putting a second skin on your face and five minutes later your skin is absolutely plumped, healthy and ready to go.

It’s great to use when you’re super busy. I go from a boardroom meeting to a function and don’t have time to visit a hairdresser or makeup artist – the mask gives me that healthy glow and the confidence to go from one role to another quickly. Traditional cloth masks don’t allow ingredients to infuse into your skin like our bio-cellulose one does. It really works and is super exciting. The mask category hasn’t had a lot of innovation, so I think this is really going to take off. It’s all about naturally healthy skin at the moment.”

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