Here Are All the Beauty Finalists Who Made the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards

Beauty industry finalists for the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards have been announced.

A total of 57 female beauty small business owners have been recognised across six major beauty categories.

All beauty finalists are listed below, according to category:

Beauty Product:

  • Enbacci Skincare (VIC)
  • Fresh Face Skin (VIC)
  • KYK Hair Care (VIC)
  • Lust Minerals (QLD)
  • Rise With You (NSW)
  • Roccoco Botanicals (QLD)
  • Tangled Hair Care (SA).

 Beauty Services:

  • Bare Beauty House (NSW)
  • Beauty in the Woods (QLD)
  • BellaBody Clinics (NSW)
  • Bloom Brows & Body (ACT)
  • Brows by Willow (NSW)
  • Coastal Day Spa (NSW)
  • Cronulla Skin Sanctuary (NSW)
  • Elysian Therapies (NSW)
  • Exotic Skin Co (NSW)
  • Face and Body Clinic (NSW)
  • Face to Face Skin and Body Care (NSW)
  • Flaunt It Hair and Beauty (NSW)
  • HB Beauty Palmwoods (QLD)
  • Illuminate Skin and Body (NSW)
  • Laila’s Beauty & Laser (NSW)
  • Le Beauty Affair (NSW)
  • LILI Skin Co (ACT)
  • Lush Skin + Laser Clinic (VIC)
  • Michal Gabriel Beauty and Brow (NSW)
  • One Stop Beauty 21 (NSW)
  • Sheryne Skin (NSW)
  • Skin Correctives (NSW)
  • Spa Mosman (NSW)
  • Stellar Aesthetics Spa (WA)
  • Studio Beautique (WA).

Brows & Lashes:

  • Antares Beauty (NSW)
  • Beaches Lash Co (NSW)
  • Beautique Mandurah (WA)
  • Confidence Lashes and Beauty (VIC)
  • Glam r us face and body (NSW)
  • Jackie Lash Co (VIC)
  • Jen’s Lashes Academy (NSW)
  • Kobie Lee Brow Studio (NSW)
  • Locks Lash (VIC)
  • Rhiannon Rose Beauty (NSW)
  • Scout Beauty (NSW)
  • shaniicelashes (WA)
  • The Natural Brow Co (QLD)
  • vlachbeauty (NSW)
  • Whip Lashed Lounge (NSW).

 Cosmetic Specialist:

  • Art of Aesthetics (NSW)
  • CosMedic Collective (NSW)
  • Cosmetic Injectables by Lorna (VIC)
  • Erin Louise Aesthetics (VIC)
  • FJK Aesthetics (NSW)
  • Hands-On Laser Cosmetic Clinic (VIC)
  • Laserclear Cosmetic Clinic (NSW)
  • Oi Cosmetic Studio (QLD)
  • The Aesthetic Lounge (VIC).

Make-up Artist:

  • Bianca Calvi Makeup (NSW)
  • Blush Bar (NSW)
  • Jasmine Chaar Makeup (NSW)
  • Jessica Vegas Professional Hair & Makeup Artist (NSW)
  • Makeup by Dalia (NSW)
  • Makeup By Jasmin B (NSW)
  • Renee Touma Makeup (NSW).

Nail Artist:

  • Cathy’s Nails and Beauty (NSW)
  • The Atelier by Amelie (NSW)
  • Tipsy Time Nails and Beauty (NSW).

Finalist in the Beauty Product Category for Fresh Face Skin is Director, Amelia Goff. On the achievement, she said: “I am so honoured to be recognised and appreciated for the immense work and sacrifice that it has taken to get here. Fresh Fresh Skin is coming up to its 6th birthday since launching and I couldn’t feel more proud of the empire that I am building.”

Amelia Goff spoke to Professional Beauty on news of the announcement:

Amelia, what prompted you to apply Fresh Face Skin for the Australia Women’s Small Business Champion Awards this year?

“I’m proud to be a woman in business and am a big supporter of women in business. This award recognises the brave, hard working, passionate and committed women that make their dreams a reality. Business is hard, but it’s the challenges that make the small and big wins so rewarding. It’s awards like this that allow women in business to celebrate their own and each other’s achievements; to be proud and acknowledged for their self belief, persistence, growth and hard work.”

What does this recognition mean to you and your businesses?

“It means the world! It’s been six years since I launched the Fresh Face Skin product range, and five years of building my skin clinic Fresh Face Skin. During these years, I have learnt so much about business and myself.

It’s one thing to have a dream, but another to make that dream a reality and to continue to build on that reality. With that comes many challenges, stress and risk-taking! To be nominated as a finalist for this prestigious award for women in business is such an honour and privilege. I feel deeply proud of this business that I have built from the ground up, my team that helps drive it, and the constant growth that I personally get from being a business owner each and every day.

It can be lonely being a business owner and you learn to be your own ‘hype girl’. Being nominated for this award has brought a whole new level of excitement and self recognition to all that I have achieved and have planned to achieve in the future. It has truly made me sit and reflect on my business journey thus far, with a very big smile on my face and with a fire in my belly for all that’s to come!” 

“Business is hard, but it’s the challenges that make the small and big wins so rewarding.”

Tell us a little more about the Fresh Face Skin range.

“Fresh Face Skin launched with just three key products originally, [growing] to a product range of 12, soon to be 13! I am a skin therapist with over a decade’s experience treating skin first hand. I witnessed first-hand the stress that overly-priced skincare put on my customers; they would run out of all their products at once and not be able to replenish their products as it was too expensive! This directly impacted their skin journey and results. 

I wanted to create a high-quality, natural skincare line using the power of plant and fruit extracts that provided real results and was affordable.

Fresh Face Skin can be as simple or as complicated as our customer wants, working in with our customers’ lifestyles. I believe we achieve the amazing skin results that we do because a lot of passion, care, research and trialing (on real skins with real concerns) has gone into creating each and every product within our range. We focus on strengthening and rebuilding the lipid barrier to ensure the skin is protected and able to function at its best. This allows the results from our skincare to be long-term rather than a short-and-fast skin fix. 

I am also extremely proud to say that Fresh Face Skin is Australian made and owned. Our customer base is our community and we couldn’t do it without them. It’s seeing their real skin results and hearing their feedback that keeps us molding this business into one that stands out from the rest. 

There’s so much that we have planned for Fresh Face Skin and I’m so excited to see where we will be in another six years.”

Winners of the 2023 Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards will be announced in Sydney on Saturday September 23 2023.

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