There’s one thing we can all agree on: marketing is essential for any salon. But during a global pandemic? That’s where things get a little foggy for some salon owners who figure there are more important things to spend their precious cash on than a marketing company.

Here’s the thing though: marketing is still extremely important, especially at the moment. But here’s the good news: you don’t need to pay out wads of cash. Here are three things you can do yourself.

Email lists
Grab the email addresses of your customers when they book in. You’ll quickly build up a database that will be receptive to any message your salon wants to spread. “Email marketing is fast, effective and cheap,” says marketing expert Ana Sabonez. “A weekly, or fortnightly round-up of what’s happening at the salon is always appreciated, but even more so, in this time of transparency and personal branding, a ‘meet the team’ section would also be effective. Pick one team member per newsletter, and talk about where they trained, what they enjoy doing on their weekend, any pets, and their signature treatment.” 

Deals and promotions
“I don’t believe that giving away freebies is beneficial to a business, especially during a recession,” says Ana. “Let’s be frank, people will grab a freebie, enjoy it, and you’ll likely never see them again. Rather, tap into the customers you already have and offer them the freebie for bringing you new clients, either with a discount when they refer a friend, or offering a monthly lucky draw prize when they book in for a certain treatment.”

Be exceptional
When it comes to there beauty industry, people go to where they know they’ll be happy with the service. “It’s that simple,” says Ana. “People, especially women, choose their personal grooming providers based on the advice and recommendation of their friends or people they respect. No amount of expensive marketing is ever going to match a true, honest recommendation.”

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