Today marks the official launch of Software, a platform that connects patients with doctors to treat acne and anti-ageing. 

Patients complete a consultation online with an Australian doctor who then prescribes a treatment that is customised to meet the patient’s skin concerns. The platform works as follows: 

  1. First, patients answer a questionnaire about their skin and provide photos to the doctor.
  2. The doctor then prescribes a treatment of prescription-grade ingredients. The doctors are available to answer any follow-up questions the patient may have.
  3. Software’s partner pharmacy compounds the treatment, in a personalised bottle and box for the patient, and ships it to them. 

Software Founder, Niamh Mooney, grew up in country Victoria and suffered skin issues as a teenager. 

“Software was born out of my own frustrations with our healthcare system,” Niamh said of the launch. “We had to drive three hours to see a dermatologist and many GPs didn’t have the training needed to deal with chronic skin conditions. I want to improve access to quality care for all Australians, irrespective of where you live.” 

Software is backed by a team of experts; Dr Ryan De Cruz (Consultant Dermatologist), Dr Matthew Vickers (GP) and Tamer Hanna (Pharmacist). Guided by these experts, Software creates personalised, prescription- grade treatments that address patients’ individual skin needs. Software only uses prescription-strength ingredients that are dermatologist approved and proven by medical evidence. This is what sets it apart from the majority of products in the market. 

There is a lot of misinformation and conflicting advice online about how to care for, and treat, your skin. Software aims to provide clear and accurate advice and guidance to patients. 

“We have created guides on key skin topics. We’ve reviewed the clinical studies and summarised them in the guides so they can be easily understood by everyone,” Niamh said. 

The guides are available through the Software website and are all approved by a dermatologist. 

The consultation fee for the initial consultation and for any follow up questions is $29. The treatment is $88 and lasts for approximately two months. It is a subscription service so the patient receives a fresh treatment every two months. 

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