Mandy Gray – True Solutions, Karen Austin – Richmond Skin & Laser, Farshad Kazazi – Eden Laser Clinics, Daniel Clifford – ClinicalPRO, Bruce Byers – Cynosure, Metro-Dora Clifford – Beauty Thru Nature Skin & Laser Clinic, Mathew Green – Syneron Candela and Meredith Langley – The Beauty Room Cosmetic Clinic.

Industry Roundtable 5: Investing in Technology

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Making the right purchasing decision

QUESTION: When looking to invest in technology, which factors should most influence your purchasing decision and why? LEARNING:Fostering and maintaining business partnerships is crucial. Mandy said when looking at technology, you first had to make sure it delivered results, then ensure the client’s safety. Metro said as a clinic owner she considered training support very […]

The best piece of technology for your salon

QUESTION: There are huge number of devices available for purchase. If a salon was looking to introduce just one piece of technology, what would your recommendations be and why? LEARNING: One size does not fit all when it comes to choosing a piece of equipment. It’s about having a bespoke solution. Kaz recommended a laser […]

How to best deal with discounting

QUESTION: How can salons ensure they receive a good return on their investment considering that so many larger salons, particularly franchises, seem to be heavily discounting? LEARNING: Discounting is a race to the gutter. Quality always wins over quantity. Karen said research was extremely important, while Daniel said discounting created an expectation from clients. Metro […]

Successful financing of equipment

QUESTION: What advice can be shared regarding the financing of equipment so as to help prevent cash flow problems for salon owners? LEARNING: Know your market, know your clients and cash flow problems can be sidestepped with good planning. Daniel said you had to have a bit more of a calculated understanding, while Ben said […]

Cheap technology isn’t worth the risk

QUESTION: What are the risks involved in choosing cheaper versions of ‘big brand’ technology from China that have infiltrated the Australian market in recent times? LEARNING: You get what you pay for. Choose quality over price. Mathew said it was all about efficacy, while Kaz said service parts were the most important thing when looking […]

Keeping up with the latest technology

QUESTION: How can salons keep up with all the latest technology, when there are new models entering the market all the time? Do they run the risk that their new device, which is usually a considerable capital investment will be obsolete in a year or two? LEARNING: Today’s society is dominated by the idea of […]

Meet our Industry Roundtable No 5 salon owners

Get up close and personal with our four salon owners – Skin & Laser’s Karen Austin, Beauty-THRU-Nature Skin & Laser Clinic’s Metro-Dora Clifford, The Beauty Room Cosmetic Clinic’s Meredith Langley and Eden Laser Clinic’s Farshad Kazazi (Kaz) – by watching their profiles below. Skin & Laser’s Karen Austin Beauty Thru Nature Skin & Laser Clinic’s […]

Meet Our Industry Roundtable 5 Suppliers

Get up close and personal with our four suppliers – True Solutions’ Mandy Gray, ClinicalPRo’s Daniel Clifford, Cynosure’s Bruce Byers and Syneron Candela’s Mathew Green – by watching their profiles below. Mandy Gray – True Solutions Daniel Clifford – ClinicalPRO Bruce Byers – Cynosure Mathew Green – Syneron Candela