Unprecedented Results with Next Generation Vitamin A

Crystal Retinal is a cashmere-textured serum delivered in a crystal encapsulation system, ensuring the active ingredient is time-released throughout the night. This unique action controls the release of the active to ensure that the formula remains stable, absorption is optimised and the highly-potent formula is distributed evenly and constantly throughout the night. This also means retinaldehyde is just as gentle on the skin as retinol, while providing results similar to prescription-strength retinoic acid.

Clinical-grade vitamin A, otherwise known as retinoic acid, is a powerful skincare ingredient that triggers skin restoration in order to effectively fight all visible signs of ageing. However, unlike retinol, which must first be converted to retinaldehyde and then to retinoic acid within the skin, Crystal Retinal only requires one conversion to retinoic acid. This means it can deliver results comparable to clinical-grade vitamin A up to 11x faster than classic forms of retinol.

Additionally, unlike many other forms of vitamin A, retinaldehyde boasts direct, powerful antibacterial properties, making it the perfect anti-ageing product for blemish-prone skin. When used over time, it helps diminish P. acnes, the bacteria responsible for breakouts, promoting a healthy-looking, balanced complexion.

Crystal Retinal also features multi-weight hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, Crystal Retinal to provide skin with optimal hydration at every level while helping strengthen the skin’s barrier to keep moisture locked in tight.

Available in five different strengths, from Crystal Retinal 1 for super sensitive skin to Crystal Retinal 20 only available after a professional consult, there is a Crystal Retinal for everyone.


Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 20%*

Clinically proven to increase skin firmness by 11%*

Clinically proven to reduce visible hyperpigmentation by 20%*

100% of participants felt their skin looked brighter*

97% of participants felt their skin had a more youthful appearance*

*Proven via independent clinical study on Crystal Retinal 6. Tested on 33 participants over 12 weeks.


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