High Performing Exfoliating Toner Packed with PHAs

Regular exfoliation is key to ensuring healthy-looking skin, but acids such as AHAs/BHAs need to be used in a controlled manner as overuse can compromise the skin’s barrier function leading to sensitivity, dryness and flaking.

PHAs or Polyhydroxy Acids, the key active ingredient in Medik8’s Press & Glow, are a next generation group of exfoliating acids, ideal for sensitive skin. PHAs promote a slower, more gradual exfoliation process and more hydrating than other acids. Thanks to their larger molecular size, PHAs are also non-irritating and don’t sting.

Medik8’s choice of PHA is Gluconolactone; a gentle acid that helps to exfoliate the uppermost dead skin cells to reveal a fresh, radiant and youthful-looking complexion. When applied to the skin, Gluconolactone converts to gluconic acid; an active acid within the skin. This conversion acts as a form of time-release – slowly releasing the acid into the skin – making irritation unlikely. An additional benefit of Gluconolactone is also its hydrating properties – the multiple hydroxy groups attached to the molecule essentially act as water magnets resulting in more resilient and hydrated skin.

Combined with soothing aloe vera, antioxidant acai extract and enzymatic prickly pear extract, Press & Glow is a powerhouse formula that provides glowing results without any irritation, stinging or sticky residue.

Furthermore, it has been developed with sustainability in mind. The pump and clear cap can be saved once finished and placed onto the Press & Glow refill to be reused.


Clinically proven to make skin glow*

Clinically proven to deliver glowing skin in just 2 weeks*

Clinically proven to improve skin glow by 20% in 4 weeks*

Clinically proven to visibly even skin tone*

94% felt their skin looks more radiant*

*Proven via independent clinical study on Press & Glow. Tested on 31 participants over 4 weeks.


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