The ultimate pamper, this polysilicone-based My Silky Serum fills wrinkles and firms skin for an immediately smooth appearance.

Silk products are enriched with traditional natural plants extracts that have been used for centuries to treat body and skin issues, however the most unique and important ingredient of the SILK range is the unique collagen-repairing SILK FIBRES – proteins extracted from SILK COCOONS.


The silk fibres penetrate the skin to mend and strengthen the skin barrier, protect skin from oxidative stress, improve microcirculation and increase the water reservoir to the epidermis, contributing to skin hydration and firmness.

Simultaneously, the protein strengthens the skin’s connective tissue for a firming, lifting effect.


  • Instantly smooth, flawless, younger looking skin
  • Fills wrinkles and firms skin
  • Promotes growth of young, healthy skin cells
  • Increases skin hydration and regenerates blood flow
  • Long-term wrinkle reduction
  • A perfectly smooth finish for special occasions


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