LaseMD thulium laser paves the way

LaseMD is the next-generation fractional laser technology developed by Lutronic, that’s paving the way for other laser systems. This non-ablative 1927 nm thulium laser features state of the art technology that produces less heat compared to other fractionated technologies.

The LaseMD™ wavelength is dramatically different from other resurfacing lasers and has several unique properties that set it apart. Uniquely, with 1927 nm treatment, the stratum corneum scaffolds remain intact when making channels into the epidermis. Clinically, 1927 nm is effective in the treatment of pigmentation, photodamage, wrinkles, actinic damage and hair regrowth treatments for thinning hair and more – all while ensuring maximum patient comfort.

The LaseMD has a dual operating system: easy mode for cosmeceutical delivery and advance mode for precise adjustment of energy levels to achieve light to medium skin resurfacing. The Advance Mode is a more precise setting of power and energy patterns, optimised for creating microinjury to the skin for rejuvenation.

LaseMD’s fibre-based laser allows users to perform more stable and accurate treatments and is ideal for skin types prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).

The thulium laser energy is delivered to the tissue via a flexible optical fibre and the fractional handpiece. The fractional handpiece delivers microbeams to the tissue, sparing areas of tissue around and between the microbeams. This helps prevent excess thermal build up through heat stacking.

The combination of the microchannels and minimal damage to the epidermis means that the damage to the treated area is virtually invisible LaseMD effectively stimulates collagen production by delivering just the right amount of energy to the right depth within the skin. This energy triggers a natural response within the skin, jumpstarting the regenerative process and producing new collagen with little to no downtime.

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