Solari True Square Pulse Technology

Solari Square Pulse Technology with S-Toning is an IPL system that stands out from the rest. This high-end technologically advanced and extremely versatile intense pulsed light (IPL) system from Lutronic guarantees precision treatments with minimal side effects.

Unlike conventional IPLs on the market, Solari produces a very stable, flat and homogeneous spectral output over the entire pulse: this is Solari’s true square pulse technology. It can deliver more light energy at the precise wavelengths associated with the target chromophore, which provides more effective treatments.

The square pulses enable the clinician to achieve homogeneous delivery of light across the treated area with no hot spots.  S-Toning minimises thermal damage to the untargeted skin based on the high quality square pulse. It not only delivers a pain-free treatment but also ensures that the clinician will get the treatment results he or she expects without any unwanted side effects.

The award-winning Skin Cooling System, Sharp Cut-Off Filtering Technology and Rapid Repetition Rate also ensure the most comfortable and painless procedure possible. The Skin Cooling System maintains the cooling temperature of the contact point to provide the most comfortable and safe operation possible while the rapid repetition rates enables faster treatment times and optimum clinic efficiency.

Solari is also equipped with easy to use cut-off filters that minimise and reduce treatment time associated with having to change handpieces. Six different cut-off filters are available to maximise outcomes in vascular lesions, melasma, large pores, photo-rejuvenation, rosacea, spider veins, solar lentigines, pigmented lesions and hair removal treatments.

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