Healite – True Science of LED

HEALITE II harnesses the properties of 830/590, 633 and 415 nm Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, properly delivered and concentrated, treating effectively without physical trauma or thermal damage.

LLLT with HEALITE II can be used as a standalone therapy or as an adjunctive therapy with many other treatments. Proven for wound healing after any type of disruptive skin treatment, Healite is popular globally for use after laser and light treatments, peels, cosmetic injections and surgical procedures with more than 1,000 units installed in Australia. 


“Healite II is a useful adjunct to almost any aesthetic treatment. It is so important now that I couldn’t imagine practicing aesthetic medicine without it.”

Proff Won-Serk Kim, MD, South Korea


Proprietary OLAT technology provides deeper and more intensive treatments.  Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT) uses collimation optics which harnesses and delivers the healing energy of 1800 new generation LEDs. This achieves concentrated therapeutic photon intensities in the cells and organelles of the target tissue, thus maximising the therapeutic outcome. OLAT improves the efficiency and enhances the efficacy of LED phototherapy.


Treatment starts with pre-emptive micro-low level light therapy (μ-LLLT) with unique 590 nm for 60 seconds followed by the continuous delivery of 830 nm in order to pre-condition epidermis and enhance dermal tissue interaction by 830 nm.


Lutronic have built in superior features to offer profitable, effective and easy-to-use treatment options:

  • Photo-Sequencing Technology with 590nm (PST)
  • Optical Lens Array Technology (OLAT)
  • A total of 1800 durable, high-quality LED’s
  • Fully adjustable head, panels and arm
  • Ergonomic design
  • User-friendly touch-screen
  • Stable and easy to manoeuvre
  • TGA 221781 listed in 2014

Discover more www.lutronic.com.au/healite/

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