Evolis® PROMOTE – Hair Lengthening System

Ever dreamed of growing your hair long faster? No, this is not a fairy tale! If you event wanted to grow your hair faster, now you can with évolis® PROMOTE!

With evolis® PROMOTE hair grows 20% faster to get longer locks sooner.

The évolis® PROMOTE system contains a growth activator, shampoo and conditioner. These natural products are all formulated with potent active botanical extracts that actively promote hair growth.

PROMOTE is also formulated with nature’s hair hydration miracle, baobab extract, which helps nourish and condition your hair from root to tip. This means less split and damaged ends and fewer haircuts!

How does evolis® PROMOTE work? Hair grows in cycles; growth, transition and rest. Various factors such as age, genetics, medication and stress can cause the hair cycle to become shorter and shorter. You may notice that your hair just can’t grow as fast as you want it.

A breakthrough in science identified the villain: FGF5. This mean little protein is the body’s signal to tell your hair to stop growing and fall out. The active botanicals in évolis® PROMOTE are clinically proven to lock the hair in the growth cycle, not only keeping it growing longer but also 20% faster!

So just how much faster can you grow your hair? Well, those Rapunzel pictures in different products are FAKE! Human hair can only grow so fast so you won’t be able to hang from a castle by your hair overnight. However, our clinical study demonstrated a 20% faster growth rate and a huge 40.2% more hair growing in just 16 weeks. Which could be a whole lot more healthy, long hair!

The évolis® PROMOTE Hair Lengthening System is available from www.evolisprofessional.com.au

Interested in becoming a distributor? Contact info@evolisprofessional.com.au

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