Biomimetic-technology Behind Skin Restorative Powerhouse

Harnessing the rejuvenating powers of stem cells and growth factors, SkinMTX® Peptide Serum+ is the ultimate skin reparative elixir. This coveted advanced peptide formulation is powered by proprietary extraction and encapsulation technologies that give rise to superb restorative properties, helping to visibly accelerate the skin rejuvenation process.

Typical stem cell serums often use whole plant extracts, a dated technology that does not allow for the exact quantity of stem cells to be determined. The secret behind SkinMTX® Peptide Serum+ is its infusion of a high-count lab-cultured plant cells. This next-gen innovation allows the formulation to contain a precise and quantifiable dose of undifferentiated stem cells derived from a plant’s basic building blocks. The outcome is a formulation with very high bioavailability that can consistently help deliver complexion rejuvenation that surpasses expectations.

Another superior addition to this formulation is the double-layer encapsulated growth factors that help to boost the proliferation of key skin components such as fibroblasts, keratinocytes and fibronectin. This unique encapsulation delivery technique helps to maximise penetration into the skin, delivering the growth factors deep into layers where it is most effective and it also preserves the stability and efficacy of the growth factors in the formulations.

A multifaceted formulation, Peptide Serum+ helps reboot in 3 ways: physical barrier, chemical barrier as well as the hydra memory function. Skin restorative powers are boosted, moisture saturation returns to the skin, thus helping restore optimal balance in fragile and sensitive skin.

Designed to be used both in-clinic and as part of an at-home skincare regime, Peptide Serum+ can be used as pre-procedure prep, or as post-procedure rejuvenating care as well as a daily intensive anti-ageing repair serum.

Peptide Serum+ helps to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing the appearance of scars. Skin equilibrium is restored, and the complexion is well-hydrated enabling it to glow with a lustrous, youthful-looking shine.


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