When nail damage strikes or you are taking a break from wearing acrylics, Restoration is the key!

Restoration is the perfect solution for restoring nails to full lustre and shine after prolonged periods wearing acrylics or when other types of damage occur to your nail.

Jessica Vartoughian has recognised that woman need an answer to the damage nails can suffer in day to day life.  This is where Restoration excels and has been specially formulated with a regenerative complex to provide fast repair to the surface of the nail, and ensures the underlying bed remains healthy.

The product is packed with intensive vitalisers which help to quickly rebuild natural nails while the use of healing Echinacea reinforces and aids the recovery process.  You will be pleased to know that this product is also free from Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene and you are protected from these harsh chemicals.

Restoration is applied directly to each clean and dry nail using 8-10 long, continuous strokes so you don’t develop air pockets.  These tiny bubbles of air will ruin the look of your polish.  Restoration dries quickly and then you can apply your favourite JESSICA nail polish for a perfect manicure.

Your nails will be looking fantastic again in a couple of weeks and you can use Restoration at any time to bring nails back to their best.

Available from Masters Beauty International (Jessica Cosmetics Australia)
1300 470 648