High shine and durable

These fluid lipsticks come from NEE Makeup Milan and are available in 5 stunning colours!

Shine & Fluid Lipstick from NEE is a medium coverage and glossy long lasting fluid lipstick which will ensure your look stands out and gets noticed.

This is a lightweight liquid lipstick which glistens with colour and blends perfectly on the lips.  Shine & Fluid gives you a fresh and light appearance whilst ensuring extreme hold and exceptional comfort.

The formula is creamy and water based with an enriched mix of butters including mango for a nourishing, anti-ageing and smoothing effect.  Shine & Fluid combines hydration and shine for flawless lips and hours of perfect wear.

This fluid lipstick is best used by defining the desired contour with a NEE Miracle Lip Pencil and then applying the lipstick with the applicator in the pack.  Start from the centre and move to the sides on the upper lip and from the sides to the centre on the lower lip.

Shine & Fluid comes in 5 stunning colours to suit your mood and the occasion.

Available from Masters Beauty International (Jessica Cosmetics Australia)
1300 470 648


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