A New Paradigm in Hair Revitalisation

Brought to you by CALECIM® Professional, the world’s only skincare powered by ethically derived Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells, Advanced Hair System contains a high concentration of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media, which has been proven to help deliver fast acting benefits to promote fuller looking hair.

This active ingredient works with in-clinic hair regrowth treatments and hair transplant procedures by providing a nutrient rich microenvironment to help boost a regenerative response. It helps support normal hair follicle cycle, promotes denser, thicker and fuller looking hair, and conditions skin for a healthy-looking scalp.

The treatment protocol for Advanced Hair System is also straight forward and relatively quick – beneficial for both patient and practitioner and can be used in combination with other in-clinic treatments to boost results or as part of a long-term management plan

Kelly Morrell, founder of Scalp Confidential says:

“CALECIM® Professional Advanced Hair System is a stem cell derived serum containing key proteins and growth factors to help nourish and condition the appearance of weak and struggling hair follicles. CALECIM Professional products are ethically derived from the umbilical cord lining of the red deer and is rich in both Mesenchymal and Epithelial stem cells.

When infused into the scalp with a derma stamp or micro needling device, these powerful proteins are more likely to provide hair follicle support and visibly condition the skin on the scalp.

In Vitro results showed a cell growth of 24.1% with CALECIM Professional Advanced Hair System, when compared to a dermal papilla cell growth of 24.5% with use of Minoxidil at a concentration of 2ug/ml making this a good drug free option.”


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