Victoria Curtis knows what skincare professionals need from makeup

Victoria Curtis’s cosmetic line Curtis Collection by Victoria is one of the only salon-exclusive ranges on the market. The line is now ranged in 300 retailers nationally. PB spoke with the pro-beauty industries’ favourite glamazon about her passion for beauty and her journey to the top.

Can you tell the PB audience a little bit about your background prior to starting the brand? 

“Beauty was always my passion, although I never actually intended on working in the industry. The opportunity that I received when I finished my university degree as an Accounting and Marketing Graduate, was somewhat fortuitous”.
“I was given the incredible chance to work in Marketing at L’Oreal Australia. During this time, I spent two years working with clients who owned beauty salons and Medispas and noticed a gap in the market – a makeup product that works for your skin rather than against it, while creating the radiant glow and finish that every woman is seeking. By combining these two elements, Curtis Collection was born. Designer cosmetics for the salon and spa industry that are actually good for your skin. What more could a woman, and her makeup bag, want!”

When did you become interested in makeup?

“I was always inspired by beauty, even as a young girl. Watching my mother apply her makeup, style her hair and leave the house looking impeccable, was the beginning of my love affair for all things beauty. As a teenager, I then battled my own skin issues, which is when I began to search for the one makeup product that might assist with keeping my skin clear, whilst offering the coverage that I was after. I very quickly discovered that this product did not exist.”

“My interest in makeup and ingredients was then ignited and I felt compelled to pursue this career path, in order to assist other women who were possibly experiencing similar issues to myself.”

How have you seen the beauty industry change over the last ten years?

“Over the past decade, the industry has evolved significantly. There has been a huge focus on mineral makeup and product ingredients, consumers are now savvy and aware. Mineral makeup has become a crucial part of our beauty routines. Women are more conscious than ever about the integrity of their skin and often choose brands based on their philosophy towards beauty and skin health.”

” I can proudly say that as a brand, we have made this a priority of ours. Formulating makeup products that act as an extension of your skincare. This is the reason why we have remained a ‘salon only’ brand over the past 10 years. It is my strong belief that there is no better person to prescribe your makeup than your beauty therapist. They know your skin and your beauty concerns intimately and they are then able to select the right foundation for your skin type. We are finally in a place where the market has also come to appreciate this.”

How would you describe Curtis Collections point of difference in market?

“I believe that the Victoria Curtis brand offers women the perfect balance between achieving a flawless finish, whilst not compromising the integrity of their skin. Our main focus is to connect with our clients and take the time to educate them personally on their products and how best to use them.”

“We are exclusive to the salon industry and have remained that way for the past 10 years, as it is important to us that we stand out as a high quality, prestige, skincare makeup brand in the Australian market. Being Australian owned means that we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers and also to changes in the market.”

Victoria Curtis with her top pick - Naked Glow CC Cream
Victoria Curtis’ top pick is her Naked Glow CC Cream.

What have been your proudest achievements as a business owner?

“I am fortunate to have had many over the years! Namely being awarded the ‘Makeup Artist of the Year’ which was an incredibly proud moment for me personally as well as being featured as one of the 40 business women in the ‘The Game Changers Book – Success Secrets from 40 women at the top’.”

“From a business perspective, I feel a huge sense of achievement every time we begin to work with a new stockist. It is truly an honour that the salon owners choose to work with our brand and share their passion for my products. We are now fortunate enough to have 300 retailers across Australia and New Zealand and in my eyes that is the biggest achievement of all.” 

What is your hero product?

“Our hero product is without question our ‘Naked Glow CC Cream’. This wonder product acts as a skin-perfecting, colour corrector and literally transforms your skin right before your eyes. It works on all skin types and is suitable for every woman! It is an absolute must-have! Not only does it hydrate, plump and perfect, it can also work as your daily foundation with the added bonus of SPF 20.” 

Victoria Curtis' Lip Love Vitamin C Lip Tint and Illuinating Bronzer in Sun Goddess
Victoria Curtis’ Illuminating Bronzers and recently launched Lip Love Vitamin C Lip Tints

What is your go to beauty look?

“I must admit, my signature makeup look is always glam! I love a bronzed smokey eye with glowing skin and lots of highlighter! It’s usually all about the base for me. If my base is flawless, then it makes it easy for the final look to come together. On the lips I always lean towards the nudes, corals and pinks. They tend to compliment my skin tone and eye colour.” 

“Selecting your signature makeup look is heavily dependent on your features and the undertone of your skin. For this reason we created our ‘Makeup Styling Guide’. I designed this guide specifically for our customers, to make it easy for them to select the makeup tones and shades that will enhance their features. Our styling guide is available on the Curtis Collection website.”

Is there anything you wish you’d known when you started the brand? What would you tell Victoria Curtis ten years ago?

“I would tell her to be fearless, brave and to invest in herself. The most important advice I have received is to back yourself in every situation. If you don’t believe in yourself – no one else will. Persistence, hard work and determination is key. If only I had known back then what lay ahead! I never expected the brand to grow in the way that it did, however, I was ready to take on the challenge and embraced it wholeheartedly, which is the reason we are here today, 10 years on.”

“Finally, I would tell her that relationships are the most important aspect in any business. Nurture and value them always. Deliver on your promises and treat your clients with respect. That has always been the culture that we have fostered at Curtis Collection and a huge key to our success.”

What’s next for Curtis Collection?

“We have some exciting product launches planned for 2022 and also a new collection of products that compliment makeup… at this stage my lips are sealed, but watch this space! Something exciting is definitely coming.”

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