Luxury Leaders on What Makes Their Brands Stand Out

Six luxury brand formulators and company owners chat to Anita Quade about their skincare innovations and reveal what keeps them at the forefront of beauty and science.


An incredible standout feature of the brand is that…

“Our Founder Dr Nadia Payot, the first facialist of all time, invented the first routine of ‘face gym’ that has now become the GYM BEAUTE PAYOT. For PAYOT, beauty is in motion and we believe our products’ efficacy is boosted by combining gesture with care. We provide to our customers a complete, sensorial, and personalised experience. Whether at home when they use our products, have fun with our beauty tools or perform their daily GYM BEAUTE PAYOT, or in institutes and spas.

Our offer of face and body treatments is stunning. It allows us to create infinite combinations thanks to a unique three-steps structure: the GYM BEAUTE PAYOT, the Heart of Care and the Special Moments. We believe nothing is more high-end than fully personalised treatments for face and body, and to offer exactly the needs and moods of a customer. We are proud to offer this holistic, high performance approach to our partners in salons and spas.”

— Rita Smith, PAYOT General Manager

Rita Smith, PAYOT General Manager


We ensure the product is luxurious and high-end because…

“It includes both the WiQo ONE professional product and home cosmeceuticals products. WiQo ONE is the latest patent of a company known among the leaders of aesthetic medicine in over 50 countries around the world. WiQo ONE is an absolute novelty for the doctor and amazes patients with its surprising results. Obviously, such a product can only be accompanied by home care products with superior quality both for raw materials and for clinical trials that ensure efficacy and tolerability suitable to support and complete the doctor’s work.”

— Dr Rossana Castellana, WiQo Managing Director

Dr Rossana Castellana, WiQo Managing Director


The main difference between mesoestetic and other brands on the market is…

“That we are a pharmaceutical company, so we apply the same pharmaceutical quality standards in all our production procedures. It ensures that the concentration of active ingredients, effectiveness and reliability of our products are much higher than any other cosmeceutical company.

Another aspect that sets us apart is that mesoestetic is a manufacturer – we produce all our products in our lab without having the need to outsource so we are able to exercise quality control during the production process.

Another standout feature is that because we are mainly focused on the aesthetic medical field (dermatologist, aesthetic doctors or plastic surgeons), which is a group of specialists with a high level of knowledge, we feel obliged to produce products and offer innovative solutions to meet this high standard. This ensures that this quality and this knowledge is also applied to all our retail and professional treatments.”

— Carles Font, Co-CEO of mesoestetic pharma group

Carles Font, Co-CEO of mesoestetic pharma group


SkinGen is an Australian-owned cosmeceutical skincare range, launched in 2019 in collaboration with prof. Dr Slavica Marinkovic.

“Skingen is result-driven skincare with a high concentration of active ingredients. The range is complete with professional and retail products targeting all skin concerns including cystic acne. We believe skincare should not be limited by gender and recently we developed a men’s range.

Men love spending time in the gym and using various types of health products to build a healthy and attractive body. One thing that usually gets sidelined is skin health. Just like good sleep, healthy nutrition, and consistent exercise, skincare is also part of their well-being; it’s about looking healthy and feeling great.

Although the men’s personal grooming market has increased, there is still a gap in luxury men’s skincare that works and feels good at the same time. Here at SkinGen, we believe men are special too.”

— Mediha Zeeshan, CEO and Co-Founder at SkinGen

Mediha Zeeshan, CEO and Co-Founder at SkinGen

Curtis Collection

I started the brand when…

“I travelled through Italy and across America to find the highest quality vitamins and minerals in order to develop our luxury formulas. Today, an exclusive Multi Mineral Complex is infused into the Curtis Collection Minerals. Vitamins A, C and E, as well as, potassium, zinc, lysine and magnesium provide antioxidant rich protection and as well as essential nourishment and hydration for the skin. The Curtis Collection range is ‘MORE THAN MAKEUP’ – it’s makeup with benefits.

The comprehensive range of high-end products has been designed to offer simple and attainable beauty solutions for the modern day woman. Each product offers a supreme skin care benefit and acts as an extension of a woman’s beauty routine.

Our products exist at the intersection of beauty, science and luxury. The revolutionary formulas have the ability to transform your complexion. By choosing the right mineral foundation, women can literally change the way their skin looks and feels instantly.”

— Victoria Curtis, Owner of Curtis Collection

Victoria Curtis, Owner of Curtis Collection

Professional Beauty Solutions

We have big plans for the brand in 2022 that include…

“To continually innovate and develop to keep up with client demands and the latest trending ingredients.

Each year, we look forward to their worldwide launch party as we know their expert team, led by husband and wife duo Marc and Janna have spent the last year researching, formulating and creating new products to match the client and consumer market demand.

Launching new products, formulas and skincare technologies every year – this year alone Image Skincare released four brand new skincare formulations that have already proven effective in targeting major skin concerns of clients across the globe. We are always looking forward to the exciting creations that Image come up with year after year.”

— Matt Williams, CEO of Professional Beauty Solutions

Matt Williams, CEO of Professional Beauty Solutions

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