How This MUP Artist Went From a Bobbi Brown Beauty Counter to British Vogue

From professional dancer to professional MUP artist, Australian import Emily Fausset is a force to be reckoned with. She boasts an impressive CV working for some of the biggest fashion and publishing houses on the planet. Hannah Gay met Emily at this year’s AAFW, and has since learnt where Emily’s passion for makeup application has taken her.

Emily Faussett

Emily, what training/study/experience did you undertake to get your start in the makeup industry?

“I began my early life and career as a professional dancer. And during the time I was auditioning, I was working part time on the beauty counters in Harrods. I never thought I would end up in this career, but I was naturally drawn to it. I had no qualification in makeup, nor could I afford to study for it, so I decided to do it the hard way. I handed out my CV around the Harrods London Beauty Department. 

A few rejections later, and I landed myself a job at Bobbi Brown where I knew I was meant to be. I worked double hard because I wanted industry professionals to take me seriously. One of the key people in my career once told me: ‘the best way that you will learn is if you go out and start assisting’, so that’s what I did. Every day learning, assisting and shadowing the best makeup artists in the biz was what taught me the foundation of becoming a successful makeup artist. 

Shortly after being at Bobbi, I became a counter coach where I was educating the team, holding in-house masterclasses and one-on-ones with customers, VIP clients and brides (imagine the VIPs you can get at Harrods!) 

I was then approached to apply for the UK National Bobbi Brown Artistry Team, where I continued to hone my skills and grow as an artist.”

Emily commenced her career as a makeup artist for Bobbi Brown

I understand you hail from London and Ibiza. Tell us where you were born, and what prompted your move to Australia.

“I’m lucky enough to call both London and Ibiza home, having lived between them from the day I was born. My dad is Spanish and my mum is from Surrey in the UK, so I was very fortunate to grow up with a mix of the two [cultures]! 

In 2018, I came out to Sydney, Australia to visit some friends and completely fell in love with the place. The lifestyle, the beauty, the fashion, the climate, and the opportunity to live that beach/city life [was what] I always loved. I was drawn here as it reminded me of my favourite places in Ibiza. 

When I reluctantly got home after my trip, I made it my mission for the next year to convince my long-term boyfriend to make the move with me, and luckily he didn’t take much convincing! We both wanted more international experience and fortunately with both of our jobs, they can take us all over the world!”

What led you to an interest in makeup?

“I was always so fascinated by the beauty routines of the key women in my family. I have very fond memories of the lipsticks that they used to wear (I even covered myself in them at the age of 3!) Granny always wore red, mum wore brown and my aunt wore orange – and they never changed this as they were their signature looks! I understood from a young age how powerful lipstick can be and how confident it makes you feel.”

“I understood from a young age how powerful lipstick can be and how confident it makes you feel.”

How would you describe your style as a MUP artist?

“I’d say minimal, natural and dewy skin that looks like it’s been sun-kissed, along with fluffy lashes and a nude or bold lip! There is nothing more I love than enhancing natural beauty; ensuring the skin looks healthy and glowing. I’ll always focus on the skin [first], ensuring that my client looks like the best version of themselves. I want people to say to them ‘your skin looks incredible’ rather than your makeup looks great! Although I will say, I’m a sucker for a Studio 54 eye paired with juicy, dewy skin!” 

Do you have any particular sources of inspiration?

“I am hugely inspired by my surroundings. I have this thing where I’ll listen to a song from any era and will want to create a makeup look to it! Give me Prince, I’ll give you glitter. Give me All Saints, I’ll give you the 90s! 

I also feel so inspired by locations. I feel like whichever city or country I’m in I like to create characters inspired by the beauty surrounding me.”

Read about the location that inspired Emily’s makeup for the Gyre AAFW 2022 show here.

“Give me Prince, I’ll give you glitter. Give me All Saints, I’ll give you the 90s!”

You’ve had a broad mix of experience working in all areas from TV through to bridal! How were you able to build on your experience and successfully move into different areas?

“When I started my career, I wasn’t sure which part of the industry I wanted to work in so I tried many parts and assisted in every place possible. If I’m honest, there is no place I dislike and every area is completely different. It’s important to try things before figuring out what works for you because if you don’t try, you’ll never know!” 

What are some of the key differences in your approach between working for global brands like ASOS and Tiffany & Co, and working for real brides?

“Understanding your client is essential. Every client is different and that is something that is really important to remember because you have to approach each job like it’s your first day at work. I fortunately have had the experience of working for such an array of clients from assisting until now, and every single job is different. Make sure you do your research and understand who will be sitting in front of you.”

“Every client is different and that is something that is really important to remember because you have to approach each job like it’s your first day at work.”

If you had to choose, which area of makeup have you enjoyed most?

“That is such a hard question as my job is so rewarding; I love every element of every area. If I had to [choose], probably the makeup where I can be the most creative on a shoot with an incredible and like-minded team of professionals. I also LOVE my brides because it can never get as rewarding as that.” 

What are your short and long-term career goals as a makeup artist and hair stylist?

“As long as I am educating people throughout my career, I’m happy. I’d like to make an impact on those around me, [whether on] clients, assistants or friends. Makeup and hair can be so powerful, so I want to continue to teach the world how it can empower us for the rest of my life. But also, Kate Moss if you’re reading this and are looking for a personal makeup artist – HMU!” 

Any words you live by?

“Stay true to yourself. Remember who you are and why you are doing what you are doing. Be kind to yourself and to others, and understand that in life we will all get set backs. But see it as a positive, as it only makes you stronger.”

Emily’s top 5 favourite beauty brands to use:

– Bobbi Brown 

– Charlotte Tilbury 

– Rare Beauty 

– Nudestix 

– Glossier.

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