Luxury Skincare Leaders On The Industry’s Future

When it comes to leading the luxe movement Australia has some incredible innovative leaders, who have developed a loyal clientale both locally and internationally. They continue to drive the industry with their stunning spaces and cutting edge treatments. Anita Quade chats to luxury skincare entrepreneurs about their journey and what is in store for the future.

Amy Jean, Owner of Amy Jean Salons

Amy Jean, Owner of Amy Jean Salons

Your Amy Jean salons embody the word luxury – why did you set out to capture the high-end market?

“Thank you – I’m so happy that is your perception of the brand and salons. I didn’t necessarily set out with an intention to capture a high-end market, but I did want to ensure each salon visit was a best-in-class, premium experience for our clients. From the interiors that greet you upon arrival to the salon, to our treatment rooms, products and brow artists, it was imperative that every client was provided a moment of reprieve, relaxation and indulgence. And when you offer this calibre of service, with attention to results and customer care, you naturally become synonymous with luxury.”

How do you choose your luxury high end locations?

“It always starts with research. I want to provide the best possible client experience so it’s important to first analyse the surrounding retailers and the typical customer, as well as proximity to luxury hotels, etc. I also like to situate myself in the space – I’ll perch myself on the street or in front of the new potential shop, observe the passing parade and try to immerse myself in the location. Environment and surroundings can completely make or break a retail experience, so putting in that groundwork early will set you up for success later on.”

Dr Joseph Hkeik, Owner of All Saint Clinic

Dr Joseph Hkeik, Owner of All Saint Clinic

What is it about the luxury market that appealed to you? 

“What could be better than visiting or working in a clinic that has the luxurious ambience of a high-end hotel? Whether coming in for an indulgent facial, or a rejuvenation appointment with our doctors, our clients can relax and feel pampered in our luxurious and comfortable surroundings. My friend and interior designer Blainey North helped bring my vision to life in our Double Bay clinic and more recently our skincare boutique, Le Petit Saint.”

Who is your clientele?

“Whether you are an international A-lister, a top Aussie TV presenter, or simply Joe Bloggs, our team prides itself on treating everybody equally. Whilst it is true that we have a large base of celebrity clients, we also have a very loyal following of local customers in the vicinity of our clinics, as well as clients who travel from all over Australia and even overseas, making All Saint Clinic a priority destination whilst they are in Sydney.”

Melanie Grant, Owner of Melanie Grant Studio

Melanie Grant, Owner of Melanie Grant Studio

You have recently launched the Haute Couture program with Biologique Recherche – tell us about this?

“The Biologique Recherche Haute Couture Programme is something that’s been in the works for a long time – and it’s been really hard not to let it slip! This is a really special offering, and one that’s exclusive between Melanie Grant Skin Health and Biologique Recherche.

In short, the programme allows clients to have a completely customised series of Biologique Recherche formulas created for their unique complexion by a Biologique Recherche Doctor and their team of expert formulators over a one, three or six month period. The process itself is incredibly detailed and collaborative from beginning to end.”

What does the program for clients involve?

“The programme starts with an initial consultation with a Biologique Recherche Doctor and Haute Couture expert at one of our Studios. They’ll perform a detailed analysis of your current and historical concerns and a series of clinical assessments, the results of which are sent to their lab and formulation centre in Paris.

At the lab, Biologique Recherche’s team of experts draw on their extensive library of unique, potent and proven ingredients to create high performance formulas that are specifically designed for you. These formulas will evolve over the course of the programme in terms of concentration and active ingredients selected to work with your complexion, concerns and end-goal.

You’ll have a standing appointment with a Biologique Recherche Specialist at one of our Studios every month for the course of the programme to ensure that your formulas are continuing to be well tolerated, working optimally and that your skin is enjoying the myriad benefits they’ve been designed to offer. It’s the epitome of truly customised home care, and really results focused.”

Jocelyn Petroni, Owner of Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni, Owner of Jocelyn Petroni

Why is being in the luxe end of the market important to you?

“Personally, I am a perfectionist. I love really, really good customer service, and I’m passionate about the part of beauty which is being tactile and intimate and loving. I think all of those things have just come together to create a really high-performance salon.” 

Plans for the future?

“I will never be looking for world domination, and more and more salons and doors and spaces. That’s never been my ambition. I like things to be special and bespoke and tailored, so I am content with having the beautiful space that I do, and just continue to push the boundaries of what a client can expect out of a beauty service. Of course, the future plans are always to continuously evolve and improve the service we offer to clients, so right now, that has resulted in our website launching ecommerce, so clients can purchase a curated edit of premium care products directly from us.”

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