Home of Aesthetics to Open Professionals Only Wholesale Marketplace

Around 12 months ago, beauty and aesthetic professionals Jessica Goldenberg and Sophie Lucas shared a unique vision – to develop an online, business-to-business wholesale marketplace where professionals could shop and stock a range of brands, all under one roof. That roof would come to sit atop what is now known as Home of Aesthetics.

Jessica, a cosmetic nurse and Sophie, a beauty therapist and BDM, combine decades of industry experience, having witnessed the shift to online consumer spending habits of the last few years. Rather than skirt the rise in demand for fast, direct-to-doorstep shopping options, the duo have opted to ride the wave, building a brand new platform designed specifically with the beauty professional in mind.

“We recognised a glaring gap in the industry: there was no centralised platform catering to the diverse needs of industry professionals and business owners,” the women tell Professional Beauty in the lead up to their official launch. “Whether sourcing fibrellas, restocking back bar products, or researching new devices, this process can involve navigating through multiple platforms, wasting valuable time and effort. This inspired us to create a solution – a single, user-friendly website housing a comprehensive array of renowned brands, coupled with efficient filtering options for seamless research.”

home of aesthetics founders Jessica Goldenberg and Sophie Lucas
Jessica Goldenberg and Sophie Lucas

Home of Aesthetics’ mission is clear: “to provide a dynamic and innovative platform where industry professionals and brands can connect, research, and thrive. We are committed to fostering a community that empowers businesses, facilitates seamless transactions, and promotes the exchange of cutting-edge products and services.”

The platform is set to operate as an e-commerce site, fielding a mix of beauty and aesthetic product categories like clinical skincare, makeup, spa products, supplements, devices, and salon consumables. Users can opt to filter brands by descriptors, such as ‘Australian Made’ and ‘Women-Owned Businesses’. “Our platform further empowers members by enabling them to filter brands based on minimum order values, recognising that budget considerations play a significant role for business owners. This ensures that members can easily discover brands that align with their financial preferences and needs.”

A hero feature of the site is its ability to showcase new and emerging brands with equal exposure to established brands, “providing a level playing field for all.” This move came in light of recent statistics that suggests the top four beauty companies generate less than 40 per cent of industry revenue*. Jessica and Sophie added, “our platform not only simplifies procurement but also facilitates discovery of new brands while catering to everyday essentials.”

Professionals can register as Home of Aesthetics members, so long as they have an ABN. They will enter into a loyalty program attached to their business account where they can then browse and shop a range of brands and products. “Instead of placing orders directly with individual businesses, you have the convenience of purchasing both your initial order and subsequent orders through our platform. This streamlined approach saves you time and energy,” Jessica and Sophie explain. “We’re collaborating closely with our brands to maintain the same exceptional service they provide. In some cases, we can even reduce typical stock wait times by introducing certain brands to their first automated online ordering system. Say goodbye to paper order forms – faster deliveries to you, the stockists, are now within reach.”

For participating brands, Home of Aesthetics provides “a platform that empowers businesses and entrepreneurs alike to take control of their brands’ growth and evolution. Each brand will have the power to control its own dashboard to connect to their customer,” the company’s pitch deck states. Brands can choose to run their own campaigns, promoting discounts on the site as they please. Minimum order quantities are also set by each brand, with values ranging from none, to $200, $500, and beyond. “This information is prominently displayed on the brand profile, allowing members to review minimum opening order values and minimum spend before accessing specific brand details.” A cent of every dollar spent on the platform will go to The Aesthetic and Beauty Industry Council (ABIC) as a means of giving back to the industry at-large.

Some of the country’s most notable brand players have been said to have already signed up. Brands will pay $499 annually for visibility on the site. Device companies marketing their services on the site will pay $299 annually. 

Home of Aesthetics is set to host a pre-launch event with industry leaders this weekend to kick-start the conversation and generate excitement about the platform. Jessica and Sophie will also be exhibiting at next Monday’s ABIC Elevate24 event, “where we will showcase what we are about and offer members who sign up to our waitlist a $25 off voucher to use on their first order through HOA, and also 25% off our annual brand partner subscription fee for all of the exhibitors,” the pair announced.

“Home of Aesthetics aspires to be the catalyst for positive change, creating a vibrant ecosystem that propels the industry forward into a new era of innovation and success. With a clear vision to support, nurture, and advance our industry, we are excited to embark on this journey.”

Home of Aesthetics is set to officially go live on Tuesday March 19 2024.

For more information, visit the Home of Aesthetics website.

*Research provided by Home of Aesthetics.

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