Dermalogica’s Latest Campaign Showcases Roots in Professional Skin Services

Earlier this month, international cosmeceutical brand Dermalogica launched a new Australian brand campaign with the aim of showcasing its trusted product line-up, advanced services, and expert Professional Skin Therapists.

According to a media statement released by the brand, the campaign was shot entirely through the eyes of a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist showing a range of Dermalogica products and services being used to address a variety of skin concerns.

Dermalogica Australia General Manager, Kristie Millgate said: “When it comes to skin health, Dermalogica has seen it all. Our skin therapists have quite literally touched, squeezed, lasered, blasted, plucked, massaged, or buffed the skin of millions of people. We want consumers to see, hear and feel what it is like to be a Dermalogica Professional Skin Therapist through this campaign.”

“This campaign displays real people, with real skin concerns receiving advanced treatments by Professional Skin Therapists using result driven professional products. These elements are at the core of our brand.”

Dermalogica Australia Head of Marketing, Michiel Tops said: “The goal of this campaign is to strengthen Dermalogica’s position as the world’s #1 choice of skincare professionals worldwide and establish our brand credentials in the minds of consumers and our industry partners”.

“Professional Skin Therapists are the foundations of our brand. Dermalogica supports them with award winning education, state-of-the art modalities, products, and treatments so they can provide their clients with their healthiest skin ever. That is what we are bringing to life with this campaign.”

Sarah Gange, Brand and Channel Manager added “within our industry, Dermalogica is the leading expertise skincare brand. To be an expertise brand means that we take skincare seriously – and we want to help. When people use our products or receive a Dermalogica skin treatment they are experiencing the cumulative benefits of our clinical knowledge, education, and skincare expertise.”

“We’re bringing this campaign to life in premium large format outdoor, social media, programmatic video, display advertising and editorial publisher partnerships.”

“Dermalogica’s large network of independent salons are a key part of the campaign, with campaign materials provided to the Professional Skin Therapists that work with the brand. Dermalogica is also running an exclusive offer on for consumers to experience a Dermalogica treatment at their local Dermalogica treatment center/salon.”

Watch a 13 second snippet of the campaign below:

Campaign Credits
Client: Dermalogica Australia
Head of Marketing: Michiel Tops
Brand and Channel Manager: Sarah Gange
Head Graphic Designer: Lily McGeown
PR & Communications Manager: Sonia Chiarelli
Creative, video and digital: Dylan Knight
Creative, out-of-home: Toby Rupert and Partners Media: Carat

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